Barrack Obama Trivializes The Alleged Rape Of A Girl By A Transgender Girl.


I’m convinced Barrack Obama is a Luciferian and a sold out servant of Satan. Who actually willingly submits to and follows Satan . And if that is the case he would have the mind of Satan who is diabolical, subtle, and deceiving, in his ways and who operates as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Which makes him a very diabolical, devious, and evil man. Practically every policy he’s implemented is tearing this county apart. And I’m convinced that’s his goal to tear this country apart. But yet people still admire and praise him.


The black community in particular above all else fawns over him when he has done nothing for them and even after he basically encouraged them to drink lead tainted water and claimed it was safe to drink. They still love and adore him and are convinced he loves them and has their best interest in mind, lol. And I’m convinced many of Joe Biden’s radical plans are influenced by Barrack Obama to the detriment of this nation. You can’t make this stuff up.



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