Anonymous – Bill & Hillary Clinton: The Untold Story “Clinton Cash” Full Documentary.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with all the viewpoints in this video one thing is apparent and that is what appears to be the greed and corruption of the Clintons and their willingness to support whoever the highest bidder is. Their unmistakable love and lust for money and influence appear to be thoroughly laid bare in this particular video.

But the truth of the matter is the Clintons are no different than many other progressive/democrat/liberal politicians in that they all have a price and will use their advancement up the political ladder to push a fake man-made climate change agenda.

Which they will use to line their pockets with cash while a minuscule amount of that money will actually go towards correcting a fake man-made climate change problem. The Clintons may have been reluctant to support it because they know its fake anyway, and they weren’t being compensated for advancing it.

After all, why support a fake agenda, much less if you aren’t being compensated for it? The fake man-made climate change agenda is a way for certain political groups to seize power and gain control over the public so they can impose their will on the people and advance an even more diabolical agenda. And the “Green New Deal” is a bold, extreme radical attempt, at seizing that power and control quickly.

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