By Donald Bohanon   How does it hurt the black community to consider the most beneficial offer regardless of the political party? This is what I’ve been emphasizing for some time. Even Malcolm X a hero of many blacks offers a stern indictment of the black community for continuing to support a party that has done nothing for them.   He even goes as far as emphasizing that you are a traitor to your own race if you continue to support a political party that has done nothing but hijack the black vote while offering nothing in return.   Many in the black community have happily gone along with the democrat party and its election-year shenanigans in terms of allowing themselves to be exploited and taken advantage of by the party. Professing their allegiance to a political party that’s never been loyal to them.   Democrat presidential candidates view the black community simply as a tool to be used to further their own selfish agendas and self-interests. Nothing more. They feel all they need to do is show they are adept at executing the latest black dance move. Or reciting a few words from the latest black song. Or walking through a black community one day right around election time to prove they are black enough and fully understand the black struggle and experience.   And many blacks immediately embrace them with open arms and offer their support based on good sounding rhetoric without thoroughly evaluating the candidate and the policies they’ve committed their support to. Like a cheap whore prostituting herself for little or nothing.   This has been the repetitive behavior of the black community as it relates to essentially throwing their vote away to those who offered nothing but pandering at election time. President Trump has made an offer to the black community that no other President has made in the history of politics as it relates to helping advance the black community.   It would be foolish not to entertain the offer when the other political party has offered nothing. And hasn’t for decades. And when they do they never follow through with what they promise. Nothing really substantive that will have a real impact in the black community that is. Will President Trump follow through on his promise when he is re-elected? I don’t see why he wouldn’t when you consider he has kept every campaign promise thus far.   That’s much more than you can say for other politicians who have made only empty promises. What sets him apart is he’s not a politician. And he’s wealthy at that.  So there’s less of a likelihood of him being bribed by big money special interest groups and selling out for money. Most politicians simply lie to enrich themselves and have no concern for their constituents.    Donald Trump is solely focused on empowering the American people and economy to levels that mirror a post-WW2 America and that benefits, in a major way, every American regardless of who you think Trump is or how you feel about him. That’s what I think he means when he says make America great again. If he’s successful that benefits the black community economically and in so many ways. In addition to the economic plan he’s offering.   To be honest he’s done more for the black community than Obama has ever done. All Obama did was work overtime to advance the homosexual agenda. A destructive agenda that will eventually have devastating consequences for the Black, White, Latino, and Asian communities but yet the black community worships him like he’s the Messiah.   When in reality his radical liberal policies will have far-reaching destructive consequences if not undone. Nothing under his tenure was done for the black community. But the homosexual community(which is not even a race only a perverted destructive lifestyle) benefitted greatly in terms of rights, advancement, and wealth.   But at the same time, they have brainwashed the black community to passionately hate Trump as a result of a massive propaganda campaign by the radical liberal left media to discredit him at every turn. Much of it is obvious over-exaggeration and hyperbole while twisting his words and taking most of his statements completely out of context.   Oshea Jackson, commonly known as “Ice Cube”, has the right perspective in my opinion. Like myself, he’s not endorsing any candidate ( I don’t openly endorse candidates because of my Christian beliefs by the way) as he says only giving an ear to the candidate that’s offering something that will be substantively beneficial for the black community as a whole.  And that’s a wise way to go about it. Wise political maneuvering is how you will be most effective at ensuring the black vote is not taken for granted.   As opposed to allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by the liberal media and the do-nothing Democrat party to spew hate from the sidelines and disregard maneuvering and strategizing. Ice Cube has the right approach in my opinion and others in the black community should be emulating it.     I was actually a fan of some of his music many years ago. But obviously not now as I’m sure you understand. And a few verses from one of his hit rap songs I think may be appropriate at this time, in relation to the black community, and that is “you better check ya self before you wreck ya self”. Stop allowing yourselves to be blindly led by the pied piper( the Democrat/Liberal party) off cliffs to your demise.   The Democrat/Liberal party is laser-focused on opening the borders because they hope to expand their voting base in hopes of securing power for years to come. That’s the primary reason they want to open borders and grant illegals citizenship. Not because of compassion, something I have been emphasizing for several years. These radical Democrat/ Liberal politicians care nothing at all about illegal immigrants they are solely focused on gaining political power and enriching themselves through it. And controlling the masses by constructing a socialist and or fascist society.     Their hope is to secure the Latino vote to ensure they win elections and remain in power for years to come. But where does that leave the black community? The Latino community is set to overtake the black community as the second-biggest voting block and in so doing they will be the prized vote that’s sought after by many politicians.   And you can best believe they won’t allow their vote to be taken for granted. That will also leave the black community at the bottom of the totem pole but yet the black community throws their vote behind a candidate whose policies will leave them in the proverbial political dust with even less bargaining chips than they have now.   Not to mention their goal to outsource work to offshore companies in different countries which amounts to shipping most good-paying U.S. jobs back overseas for slave labor wages. Among many other destructive policies, they plan to implement. Like the Green New Deal for instance which is really a blueprint for establishing a socialist and or fascist society. Before the coronavirus, under Donald Trump’s tenure, jobs were booming.   Trump had actually imported good-paying factory jobs back to America. Jobs that Obama said would never come back. And he was poised to bring the U.S. economy back to post WW2 levels which is crazy and unheard of and thought impossible by the pessimist, thieves, liars, corrupt politicians, crooks and sellouts, in the Obama Administration.   He secured the release of many black low-level offenders from prison because of unfair sentencing guidelines. He was working on prison reform to undo much of the damage to the black community by the Biden Crime Bill. And he was on his way to doing much more before the coronavirus struck.    Why aren’t you considering these things when supporting your candidates?  Because you vote based on emotion and ignorance as opposed to logic and facts. Which can be disastrous. They want to open borders because they’re hoping it will ensure they won’t have to depend on the black vote. Because in reality, they are tired of dealing with the black community because they feel the black community won’t take responsibility for much of its own actions that are undermining its own community. Many other races and politicians feel the same. They just won’t say it.   And no matter what any candidate does economically for the black community things will never change until you start there. This is not a knock on the Latino community, God bless them. You can’t blame them for working to advance their community and taking advantage of every opportunity.   And I feel for illegal immigrants and I’m sympathetic to their plight and condition. But throwing your vote behind a candidate whose policies will ensure blacks are left behind even more profoundly and are at more of a disadvantage is not wise in my opinion. You’re not even making economic headway with the voting advantage. What the heck are you going to do without it? Nothing! You will just be relegated to insignificance.   And if you get the money who will be the stewards of it and ensure that it’s honestly and ethically put to good use? The same corrupt politicians and some businessmen who have stolen much of the other funds that have been appropriated to them? Just something to think about. Please be mindful we also have many so-called black activists who are nothing but paid sellouts to their race who are pushing the Biden ticket.   Incidentally, I agree with most of what the other gentleman said in the video above with the exception of Biden eulogizing the KKK member that was actually Hillary Clinton if I’m not mistaken. I also disagree with his notion that we shouldn’t consider ourselves black. I think what he means though is that we shouldn’t consider ourselves black Americans but simply Americans as some other races do.