Although I don’t agree with all the information contained in the videos like the information regarding who the real Israelite’s are and some other things. But what I find very interesting and disturbing is the history of Jewish control over everything including the media,and banking etc.And how they have historically promoted decadence and perversion in the countries they’ve controlled.


America present day it appears is mirroring Germany’s moral condition in the nineteen twenties. The same debauchery and sexual perversions that were promoted in Germany at that time have now taken root in America and are being accepted as norms.


But I have argued previously that the sexually perverted rich in positions of power and leadership are the real sources behind the promotion of these ungodly perversions and other forms of destructive media. Hitler actually took steps and was successful in  purging the nation from sexual perversions of all kinds, including homosexuality.


I find it quite interesting that Hitler’s hate for the Jews stemmed from the poverty and suffering that resulted from Jewish control.As well as the corrupting of German society courtesy of the Jewish power structure. Based on the information available  it appears Jewish holocaust deaths may have even been greatly exaggerated as well.


Let me emphasize it’s not my intention to paint a picture of a perfect saintly Adolph Hitler.Nor is the presentation of this information meant to spur hatred for the Jews, but only to share many different sides of historical accounts in an effort to educate and enlighten.


It appears many of the accepted and promoted historical accounts, of what actually happened in terms of the contributing factors to Hitlers actions, it appears have been greatly and intentionally skewed, in an effort to sway public opinion.Courtesy of a Jewish controlled media. But I continue to delve deeper into these issues in order to educate and enlighten myself.