Question: When You Said You Don’t Partner With The Collective Are You Saying You Don’t Partner With The Black Community?


Donald Bohanon: Let me clarify what I meant because there are individuals with dubious motives who will certainly try to misconstrue what I said to make it appear that way. When I said I don’t partner with a collective that fights against God that’s what I meant.


There are certain segments of the black community that promote and support much of what I stand against. Such as the promotion of sexual perversions and violence etc. That’s the segment I was referencing. One group or individual doesn’t speak for the whole of the black community.


And my statements weren’t directed at members of the black community that live by a biblical standard and who oppose many of the things I oppose. Those members of the black community I don’t have a problem with. And I guess, you could say, I am, based on my beliefs, a member of that collective in some ways.


The part of the collective I was talking about was the percentage that supports and promotes sexual perversions, ie, homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, and pedophilia, etc, and encourages violence in the black community in that they support and promote much of the music that’s helping fuel much of the violence, etc.


And to support the sexual perversions is to support the mental, physical, and emotional, raping and molesting of children. Because the homosexual and lesbian community are largely comprised of men and women who have been raped and molested as children themselves. Very sick and damaged individuals who haven’t received any help and instead of seeking treatment for them you instead make them stewards of children.


And who unfortunately go on to molest children themselves in adulthood. And who are working aggressively behind the scenes to legalize pedophilia so they can legally, rape, and molest, the children they already have in their possession as a result of homosexual adoption. Numerous stories that never garner media attention, and many honest, ethical, unbiased, scientific studies support this.


So I find the thought of supporting and partnering with those kinds of individuals repugnant. I’m not blinded by or impressed by celebrity status and wealth. Neither do I seek nor desire to be praised by men.


Because it means nothing in the vast scheme of things. The opinions of carnal, corrupt, men and women don’t determine my self-worth or influence my decisions but God’s opinion and views do. Men work towards goals that will eventually fade away, rust, rot, and die. I work towards something that will last for eternity. 


Those things mean nothing to me. And they mean even less to God. I am, however, impressed by Godly character. I actually find it sad and very disappointing that certain celebrities and entertainers who have notoriety and influence would support and promote the very things they know in their hearts are wrong and destructive, simply because it benefits them financially or for some other selfish reason.


Individuals who are motivated by their greed, lust, and pride, etc, and who allow those motivations to determine their decisions about critical and impactful issues both saddens and disgusts me.


I know there are many of them who may be decent people but are just led astray and deceived in many respects. But they will continue to be led astray and deceived as long as they continue to entertain and follow the liars and the deceivers. And my blunt, honest, approach to addressing it is not necessarily meant to be insulting as much as it is to outline my unwavering and steadfast position regarding certain matters.


Because I know God’s word is on my side and completely exposes and destroys any argument to the contrary.  If I have hurt or offended anyone that’s not necessarily what I set out to do. But rather to outline my position regarding certain matters in such a way that there will be no mistaking where I stand.


Any black or white person who’s views line up with mine we are part of the same collective. I don’t put anything before God. I am commanded to love God and what he teaches above both family and community and that’s what I strive to live by. And why? Because God knows what’s best and has both my best interest and the best interest of my family and community in mind.


I try not to question God because his knowledge and wisdom is infinitely more vast than mere human beings. I simply understand that God knows what’s best for me and the rest of society. And conversely, he knows what’s destructive to me and society.


But that doesn’t mean I don’t love my family or community. Anyone who is viewing what I am doing from an unbiased perspective will be able to see I love my community based on what I’m fighting to accomplish.


But if you are motivated and governed by greed, lust, and pride, etc, you will find it hard to see. Because those things blind you from seeing the truth. Because in actuality they are more important to you than the truth.


So they will take precedence over God and what he says and requires of you. They will blind you to the truth because you only see, what you love, more than the truth.


And that’s greed, lust, fortune, and fame. And those types of individuals are determined to ensure that not even the truth should interfere with their pursuit of their wealth and lusts.


That’s why its virtually impossible for them to see or find the truth. That’s why the Bible says it’s easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the kingdom because the rich man puts his wealth, greed,  and lusts above everything else including the truth. Matthew 19:24 


My collective is any man or woman black, brown, white, yellow, or red, who stands on God’s word and proves it based on obedience and action. And or who opposes what I oppose and or supports what I support as those views are supported by God’s word.