Scientist are presently engaged in research they hope will alter the genetic makeup of man so much so that many of the physical limitations that constrain him will be lifted, giving man the ability to see better and farther, run faster, make him free of disease, live longer, make him much stronger, etc. Scientist are now playing God and hope to alter the genetic makeup of man so much so that he will be able to do virtually anything with all his physical limitations removed, the research is commonly referred to as Trans Humanism.


Man is being used as a guinea pig in many respects as it relates to genetically modified food and in the altering of human genetics, much of which is covered in the first video above. Man is being fed genetically modified food that not even a rat would eat if given the option for other food choices, genetically modified food that has caused deformities, tumors and cancers, in animals that have eaten the food.


Rodents are scavengers and will eat virtually anything but they wont eat genetically modified food?  Only if they are starving and have nothing else to eat. What does that tell us?  In reality Trans Humanism appears to be an example of mans foolish, blind rush to make himself equal with God, and genetic engineering/manipulation is merely a high tech version of the Tower Of Babel.


And just as God left the Tower Of Babel in a ruinous heap so will he leave men’s efforts in playing God and to attain God like status through genetic manipulation, in his carnal state, in a ruinous heap. Man’s greed and lust for power knows no limits, mans carnal nature which is driven by pride,lust and lust for power, based on his unwillingness to submit to Godly authority, has produced the world we live in now.


I don’t care how much you advance and grow from an educational,technological,physical, emotional or mental level. It doesn’t amount to much in terms of spiritual growth,if you are bankrupt spiritually, and that is the state mankind is in now.He has failed and is still failing miserably in his efforts to govern himself.The spiritual element is the key component that’s missing, all other advancements are meaningless in terms of  growth and improvement spiritually,if the flawed spiritual nature is not corrected.


For carnal men to wield such power is like giving control of a nuclear arsenal to a five year old child. I also find it very disturbing that the Obama Administration is heavily funding research of the dark science when other past Administrations have limited and even cut funding for research.Highly educated men and women have been totally incapable of solving the most basic of social problems.


Simply because they are flawed spiritually and that carnal flawed nature can only be corrected one way, by mankind submitting to the will of God, by obeying his word and his law and ultimately being filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s purpose for mankind as whole has always been for him to attain God status but only on God’s terms and no other way, only after man has developed perfect righteous character. That is actually what the term ungodly that’s often used in scripture means, unable or unqualified to become Gods. I will be doing a future audio going into more detail about that topic.

Psalm 82:6

King James Version (KJV)

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.



John 10:34

King James Version (KJV)

34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

The advancement of Trans Humanism appears to be an obvious effort by men to make themselves equal with God. Or to even exalt themselves above God in their corrupt carnal state, as they are greatly influenced by Satan.A carnal state where he is ruled by Satan and governed  by his own jealousies, perverse sexual desires, prejudices, envies, lust for power, greed, anger, hate for God and for what’s good, etc,all satanic qualities and characteristics.


And it  is certain to have terrible, destructive consequences. Men and women are not really qualified to wield the power they possesses now, and that is evident by how screwed up the world is, much less the limitless power they hope to attain separate from God through genetic engineering. Something man hopes will be the result of his Trans Humanism agenda. This  is what he ultimately seeks to accomplish, as he is powerfully led and influenced by Satan.


But God is so much more than the  ability to change genetic makeup, or a  vastly superior level of knowledge,wisdom and consciousness,or limitless power, etc. He also has perfect righteous character that is governed by love and Godly wisdom, and separate from God man can never acquire that perfect love and wisdom that can only come from God.


It cannot be developed through advancements in education, science, technology, or through genetic engineering and or modification, or advancements in robotics, etc. And without it man is absolutely unqualified to wield such power and knowledge, and it is tantamount to creating millions of out control Frankenstein Monsters, and I promise you it will end disastrously.


Trans Humanism is merely a modern day high tech version of the Tower Of Babel. Mankind it appears in a mad dash to make himself equal with God and eventually exalt himself above God, as he is becoming more powerfully influenced by Satan. And just as God left the Tower Of Babel in ruinous heaps he will also leave mans efforts to further the Trans Humanism agenda  in ruinous heaps when its all said and done. Because he understands that man in his carnal state is completely unqualified to wield such power.


My advice to these wayward, overly ambitious men and women  is to cease all such efforts in working to attain God like status through this science (maybe advancements in medicine but to achieve a God like power through theses efforts….no).And I’m sure that may be another reason why God is sending all these warning shots in the form of destructive weather events, close misses by asteroids and other troubles. Because of the all the evil men are working to accomplish in secret. But God sees it all and will destroy the evil before he allows it to progress or allow men to use it to destroy themselves,which is something he’s sure to do, based on history and his carnal nature.


This type of genetic advancement will most certainly lead to the destruction of millions on a physical and spiritual level because of the evil it will ultimately produce. Mans intentions may be good from the outset, but just as Satan has done throughout history as man is powerfully influenced by him, he will use these scientific advancements for evil, and to destroy as opposed to help and assist, which will have terrible destructive outcomes.


Lucifer failed in his efforts to exalt himself above God originally, now it appears he’s working to make himself equal or exalt himself above God once again by using man with his advances in science to accomplish it. He failed in his attempts to attain it on a spiritual level now it appears he is working to accomplish it on a physical level through mans advances in science and genetics.


He obviously seeks to first merge the consciousness of man with his consciousness by fusing the genetics of humans with that of animals. Thereby greatly increasing mans ability to tap into the spirit realm, because animals most certainly have a deeper consciousness of the spirit realm. At which point evil, arrogant, power hungry, self centered men will have an even clearer more direct contact with Satan to be even more powerfully influenced by him.


Or should I say possessed by him, because initiating that level of contact with Satan will most certainly result in demonic possession.That may very well be how the Anti Christ will come to be possessed by and powerfully influenced by Satan, who knows? This coming Anti Christ may very well be the result of some sick, evil, genetic experiment, resulting from the merging of mans DNA with that of some animal, but only time will reveal that. Ultimately Satan hopes to  manipulate mans genetic code through advancements in genetics and science to give man abilities beyond his imagination.


The problem is Satan will be presiding over it all, and I know it may appear very enticing, but it wont work out as anticipated, and will end terribly I can promise you that. Satan in one last desperate attempt it appears is seeking to attain God like status by manipulating men to accomplish it through twisted, evil, dark scientific methods.


And just as he failed previously he will fail again because those efforts will be  completely destroyed, these advances quite obviously fall under the definition of abominations that God mentions in Ezekiel and other books in the bible. But God will destroy it and those who seek to accomplish it before he ever allows it to happen.Or he will allow man to virtually destroy himself in his blind,mad, insane dash, to make himself equal with his creator,separate from his creator.


By Donald Bohanon




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