And they want us to refer to this guy as a woman?! Pure insanity! Would you look at the thick neanderthal brow and jutting  pronounced jaw bone on this guy.


And look at the neck his neck is almost as thick if not just as thick as mine.And they want you to refer to him as mam? Think about that.No to mention,and even more importantly,how destructive,perverting and corrupting the perverse behavior is.You can read the article below.

: Louisiana police have arrested a Gretna, Louisiana woman for allegedly performing oral sex on a juvenile. Christina Godds, 19, was booked with sexual battery Friday (Sept. 29), said Lt. Eric Orlando, spokesman for the agency.

The incident occurred Aug. 19 in the 100 block of Short Street in Westwego, Orlando said.

The victim, a 14-year-old boy, told authorities a woman he did not know called him over, invited him into a shed in the backyard of a house and touched him inappropriately, according to authorities.

Police are referring to Christina as a “woman.”

It turns out that Christina is a transgender – she is genetically a male.