Thousands Of Unaccompanied Minors Being Held In Border Facilities?: What Do They Really Plan To Do With The Children?


Hundreds, possibly thousands, of boys alone being held in pods and separated from their families? And who are the so-called sponsors who will act as new guardians for the boys?


This whole situation is disturbing to me and looks like an organized effort to put migrant boys and girls into homosexual/lesbian/pedophile adopted families which would be a fate worse than death.


The types of emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation they will be subjected to with the sole objective being to indoctrinate and molest them I’m convinced will be enormous.


It appears virtually everything this administration is doing is geared towards destroying the country in some form by invoking the wrath of God.


I would advise those in positions of authority to spare no effort to ensure these children don’t end up in those kinds of perverse environments. If that is the goal, and I’m convinced it is, this is diabolical and satanic on so many levels.

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