This Was An Interesting Discussion.

This was an interesting discussion. But what I found troubling is that the woman in the pink dress suggested that we as Christians are taught in Church not to judge people. But I’m sorry that is completely unbibilical and is a major reason why evil and sexual perversions are proliferating as they are in society today.

The problem is false ministers have taught that false doctrine for years and it was formed based on completely misinterpreting one or two verses in scripture and taking them completely out of context without taking into account the numerous other verses in scripture from both God and Christ alike emphasizing and encouraging the act of judging in righteousness as a way to expose evil so it won’t proliferate to the physical and spiritual destruction of multiple billions of individuals.

That is a completely unbiblical and false teaching that is contributing to the rampant growth of ungodly behavior in society today because people refuse to expose evil and call it what it really is for fear of being called judgmental. I cover that topic more thoroughly in the articles below. But a good discussion never the less.

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