Question: There Are People In Florida Fighting Against What You Preach Against So Why Wouldn’t You Pray For Them And For The Hurricane To Spare Them And Their State?

Donald Bohanon: First, let me start off by sending my prayers and condolences to the people of Florida. I pray God will comfort and provide for them in these very difficult times. I also pray for all those who have lost loved ones. It’s a very sad situation to be sure. But the fact that a few people are fighting against the promotion of abominable sinful behavior in Florida doesn’t change the fact that tens of millions of people in Florida are practicing and promoting abominations.

This is the problem. When God gets angry it’s very difficult to reason with him. And make no mistake about it this Hurricane was an expression of his wrath. I prayed that they would be spared but I also prayed that his will be done. God will heed my prayers and others like me when you convince him you are serious about making changes through drastic action. God wants to see changes as a result of action. I’m convinced God is angry about what he sees. I wrote recently that we were reaching the point of no return and I really feel that.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to overturn the destructive immoral policies that are resulting in catastrophic plaques from God upon our country. I feel for all the people in this country and around the world who are going through similar weather-related issues.

But ultimately the only real solution will be to heed God’s warning and take action to overturn many of the destructive policies this administration and the administration before the last administration have implemented.

Or these things are sure to get worse as God gives his angels charge/ marching orders to heap mischiefs/calamity on America, and as we approach the coming great and terrible day of the lord, on other nations as well because of their abominable sins. And heap means unfortunately a lot of destruction and calamity by the way. I pray that God opens the eyes of everyone reading this and pushes them to take action.

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