With the increase in weather extremes, many government-funded climate scientists and meteorologists are attributing it to man-made climate change. But the truth of the matter is God has prophesied that these events would take place centuries before a government-funded climate scientist or a meteorologist ever existed.


God emphasizes specifically in his word that these events are examples of his anger as a result of abominable sin. Many government-funded climate scientists claim that the only way to stop it is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. But the truth of the matter is none of that will work and in reality will simply be a waste of money that could have gone towards financing other more beneficial and helpful projects.


Meteorologists and government-funded climate scientists are themselves about to be impacted by these events and may even be targeted personally, and or directly, for spreading the lies (for promoting it as man-made climate change that is) which in reality serves to hinder and undermine the veracity and legitimacy of God’s prophetic word. Which in turn puts billions of lives in danger.


What you see with the increase in weather extremes is the hand of an angry God and it will only get worse and not better if the abominable sins are not departed from. And no matter how diligently you work to decrease greenhouse gasses it will all be futile and won’t help if the abominable sins are not departed from and rejected.


As you sin more abominably with the support and promotion of twisted, filthy, perverted, sexual behavior. Mass murder in the urban neighborhoods and communities and in the form of abortion. The promotion of black magic and sorcery. Not to mention the persecution of God’s servants which is more offensive to God than all of the other sins, and that’s saying something. And the blatant trampling of God’s commandments the angrier God gets to the detriment of the human race. Skeptics will soon become sold-out believers to the reality of a wrathful God. We have a long summer ahead.



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