The Shooter Killed Whites And Blacks But Spared What Appeared To Be A Homosexual Employee At The End Of The Video And Refused To Shoot Him? Was The Shooter A Homosexual Man? (WARNING!!! The Link Below Leads To Extremely Violent And Graphic Content!! View At Your Own Risk!!!)

Could This Be A Response To Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoots Call For Violence?

Let me start out by saying I don’t support or condone any acts of violence against any individual or group. This is a very sad and tragic event and I pray for the victims and their families. There are so many unanswered questions regarding this shooting. And the fact that the shooter killed blacks and whites but apologized to what appeared to be a homosexual employee at the end of the video and refused to shoot him is very troubling. He even killed a white woman at the outset but refused to kill what appeared to be a gay man?

When you consider how God’s word outlines how sneaky, vindictive, diabolical, and evil, this community is it makes you wonder if all the posts and manifestos were intended to create a deceptive and a false narrative that he was racist but instead in reality a homosexual man angered by what he viewed as abuse from those who rightfully and justifiably disagreed with his lifestyle.

I would assume the church-going ladies were long-time customers of the store who probably regularly shopped there at specific times and on specific days. Did the employee who was spared by the gunman know the shooter? And could the employee maybe, possibly, have notified the shooter when the church-goers were in the store?

And maybe notified the shooter that others (both employees and customers) who rightfully and justifiably disagreed with the homosexual lifestyle were in the store as well? Certainly, the homosexual employee would have information about who were LGBTQ supporters and detractors as a result of his daily contact with employees and even customers?

And after all, him claiming to be a racist would take the focus off of the homosexual community if, in reality, he was an angry gay man who sought revenge against those who rightfully and justifiably disagreed with his lifestyle. This scenario is not far-fetched at all and would certainly be consistent with the kind of distorted, vindictive, and diabolical behavior many in the LGBTQ community display which is evident by numerous posts on this site of the numerous news headlines that confirm it.

In addition to how the Bible describes how purely evil anyone who is given over to this kind of sexual perversion is. Romans 1:18-32. The link below shows the shooting in full. Please be warned it is extremely graphic and violent and hard to watch!!! That’s why I refused to post it directly on my site. But I felt it necessary to post a link so visitors can see that the shooter intentionally killed both blacks and whites but refused to kill what appeared to be a gay employee at the end of the video.

And even apologized to him. Did they know each other and were they working together in some capacity? And was the shooter a gay man or gay supporter himself? I think all possibilities need to be thoroughly investigated. And let’s not forget lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot did a call to arms( or a request for a violent pushback using firearms) to the gay community.

If she is bold enough to do a call for violence publicly she is certainly doing it and encouraging it privately. Regardless if she tries to walk it back publicly now. Out of the mouth the heart proceedeth. I’m not emphatically claiming this is the case it’s just something to think about. And to thoroughly look into.

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