Although I do agree with the doctrines of the UCG in relation to keeping the commandments, the holy days, and the word of God as a whole I don’t agree with everything the UCG teaches.


In fact, I have even heard one of their ministers go as far as claiming because God is a God of love he will never hurt or harm you which is completely unbiblical and flies directly in the face of God’s word. That particular minister a different minister than the minister in the video above I have found to be in error about a few things. 


I immediately began to think because they aired something that was so contrary to God’s word ( not to mention a few other things I had heard and seen that didn’t necessarily line up with God’s word  ) that they were morphing into a lukewarm, liberal church with many worldly views.


I’m not sure if that is, in fact, the case, and a slight error here and there can be expected but willful blatant misinterpretation and misrepresentation of God’s word is quite a bit different and should be very troubling and alarming. But the topic in this video is extremely important so I felt it necessary to post it.