I find it quite heartless and pathetic that in the face of such impending destruction and calamity all the liberal media can do is attack the president rather than coming together to support his efforts in managing what may very well be a very difficult and trying circumstance.


The relentless criticism is obviously just a deceptive effort to undermine and destroy his credibility to once again secure power in the mid term elections.Make no mistake about it, the relentless criticism and promotion of false and in many cases skewed information,that has been taken out of context in many cases.


Is a carefully orchestrated plan to work to secure power and once again promote the same radical, liberal policies, that are bringing the wrath of God upon on the nation in the first place.If their efforts were to work to insure the Presidents response in terms of aid to those affected by this calamity,was done properly, they could have gone about it in a different and better way in my opinion.


The recent appearances of failed former President Obama, as he has railed against the sitting President, are just another classic example of that.But it’s ironic, when you consider the fact that this dubious and devious former President has worked and been successful in legalizing same sex marriage,which is one of the primary reasons the nation is being plagued and punished by catastrophic natural disasters.


He’s sorta like a stubborn case of toenail fungus that refuses to go away.While continuing to promote his very destructive and deadly, radical liberal agenda.But yet the black community worships this man like he’s God and foolishly follows him like the pied piper when in reality he’s done nothing for them.And when his policies will eventually lead them to widespread physical and spiritual destruction.


Their primary focus is securing power once again,so they can promote the same radical, liberal policies, and even worse, that have gotten us,as a nation, in this position in the first place.I pray God (in accordance with his will) crushes their efforts in securing power in the midterms.To insure those who promote these radical policies don’t secure power again


Diabolical, perverse individuals, who support the same agenda that former President Obama championed are the last individuals you need in power again.This destructive event is coming directly from the hand of an angry God because of his disgust at what he sees in terms of sexual sins etc. And it will only get worse if these things are not rectified.


And in all honesty you can thank former President Barrack Obama for all of it.Frankly and honestly speaking he was the worst thing to happen to this nation when you understand how damaging his ignorant,arrogant,decisions and policies have been and will be.God, as it presently stands, I’m convinced, sees something that is very offensive that I can’t see in addition to the already putrid spiritual condition of the nation.


All I can tell you is to continue to work resolve these issues as quickly as possible because if not it will only get worse.And it has nothing to do with man made climate change.Your primary focus should be on following God’s instruction so you may live and prosper as a nation.As opposed to being cursed and destroyed.


I explained to you God would continue to punish the nation for its sins no matter what I do.Because he’s angry and fed up.Your departure from the sins will be your salvation.Not promoting the same destructive behaviors democrats/liberals do and even worse if democrats/liberals have their way again.



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