Allow me to elaborate on the title of the this post and explain what I meant.Let me start off by saying anyone who has sex with under aged girls or boys should be punished harshly.And I don’t personally believe R.Kelly’s claims that he has never had sex with an under aged girl.The reason I feel that way is because he is on paper being married the singer Aaliyah when she was just  a fifteen year old girl… I think that’s her name.


It’s also being reported other girls are accusing him of the same thing.And although I don’t think the fact that many girls are accusing him of the same thing should be the primary barometer we use to define or uncover the truth,because if someone really wants to promote that lie, they can,just by financing the lie.


Unfortunately most people have a price and will lie for the right price.But when you consider the fact he has a record of being married to a fifteen year old girl,that completely changes the perception and dynamic of the whole situation in my opinion.


Not to mention he and a few of his relatives have gone on record stating he was molested for several years at a very young age himself.Many studies have proven those who have been molested as children usually grow up to be molesters themselves.These are some of the primary reasons I believe he has in fact actually engaged in the practice of child molestation .But the fact he was molested repeatedly for many years himself should warrant some compassion and leniency.


Because he has obviously been deeply scarred emotionally and psychologically from the experience as most individuals who are the victims of molestation are. It’s my belief that he should receive ongoing psychiatric counseling and treatment.I think he should also be made to offer some form of compensation to those proven to be victims,and pay for the counseling and treatment of his victims.And some form of probation as opposed to prison time.


I don’t think prison will help and may just exacerbate the issue and create a worse individual with out the proper counseling and help.Some may argue prison time should be in order but I disagree,prison wont help him or his victims.But I believe probation,counseling and compensation,should be the focus and will go a long way in helping him and the victims.And I don’t think he should be blacklisted,blackballed and prevented from working,as he will need the money to compensate his victims.He also has to earn a living.


And in my opinion there doesn’t need to be an all out effort to stop him from working and intentionally blacklisting him, because he is automatically going to take a serious financial hit,because many companies aren’t going to work with him because they view it as bad for business.So in my opinion,no intentional effort to blacklist him would be necessary,because all of the negative publicity will insure that happens to some degree anyway.


I don’t feel he should be completely destroyed when you consider he is a very damaged and scarred individual through no fault of his own.Now if he had done all this on his own volition,with no contributing factors,I feel prison time would be in order.


But based on what he has been through,he is in a psychological and emotional state that we can’t comprehend,because we have not been victims of the type of long term abuse he’s suffered.I think he has suffered enough as a result of his name being tarnished,being ostracized and separated from his children.


Not to mention the way his children probably view him at this point,etc.I think he should get probation,counseling and make some form compensation to the victims,and insure the victims receive counseling and treatment as well.And if after all this he still engages in the behavior throw him in prison,because he is incorrigible and obviously refuses to change his behavior, and is a willing and obvious threat to children and society as a whole at that point.