Here we go again. Bill Gates a spokesman for the radical liberal left is again claiming to be the expert on what ails the world. Don’t you find it strange that Bill Gates who is not even a climate scientist is the primary spokesman for an issue that they claim is a serious existential threat to the human race?


Bill Gates is not even a government-funded climate scientist why is he being looked to as the expert on the issue? Because he represents and works with the globalist elites who seek to advance their ungodly agenda of total control of the masses. 


He has now taken center stage as he trumpets the debunked man-made climate change theory and how it is the only source and reason behind the many extreme destructive weather events we have been experiencing.


The radical liberal left and their radical man-made climate change propaganda machine always use misleading phrases like “the majority of climate scientists” agree that man-made climate change is the reason behind all of these destructive events without considering the many thousands of scientists who are not paid to argue in favor of the debunked theory.


All or most who claim these events can’t be attributed to man-made climate change because science simply doesn’t support it. These scientists are in many respects silenced and not given the platform to argue their position. Why? Because there is a machine funded by globalists elites to promote the man-made climate change agenda as a way to control the masses to advance an even more radical, extreme, spiritually wicked agenda.


And all of those who don’t tow the party line are silenced. The truth of the matter is the Bible goes into detail about why these events are happening and these prophecies were spoken thousands of years before a government-funded climate scientist or a meteorologist ever existed.


I personally have also been sounding the alarm about these events taking place in detail as to how they will happen and what’s causing them to happen for decades, even before this debunked man-made climate change theory was being aggressively promoted by the media as it is now. Only after I began speaking about it did the liberal left media begin aggressively promoting this propaganda as a way to try to undermine the prophetic word of God.


Because if people actually began to believe the truth it would have been very difficult to advance the homosexual agenda supported by the financial machine which is helping fund the propaganda machine because the objective of controlling the masses which it is designed to do, benefits and falls in line with the homosexual agenda because they fully support the homosexual agenda. And the homosexual agenda involves forcing men, women, and children, to conform to the lifestyle and behavior.


The events you see in regards to extreme and destructive weather events are examples of God’s wrath and the Bible promises they will only get worse culminating in the complete physical and spiritual destruction of all those who promote lies to advance ungodly wicked agendas. And who are really despisers of God at their core.


They can continue to work to attribute these things to man-made climate change but at some point, the fake veil of deception will eventually be lifted by cataclysmic events and when they realize controlling greenhouse gas emissions aren’t helping one bit and as the death toll continues to rise exponentially.


Nothing will save you but obeying God and completely rejecting the abominations that he detests. Men and working to control a non-existent man-made climate change won’t save you from what’s coming. Only God will be able to save you.






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