By Donald Bohanon …Published Thursday December 14,2017.


Fox Entertainment and Disney are working to merge into a media entertainment behemoth.But I find the merger rather peculiar considering Disney’s very liberal approach to broadcasting. Not to mention the many scandals  surrounding Disney  with numerous reports about employees of the company being caught engaging in pedophile behavior and in nationwide pedophile stings amongst other things.In other words, large numbers of Disney employees caught and charged with running nationwide pedophile rings. Not to mention reports about some of  the heads of the company being caught in similar acts. Walt Disney Pedophile Ring Taken Down.


But it’s not surprising because where you will find high concentrations of homosexuals and other sexual deviants in power, you will always find extreme cases of child sexual predatory activity,really pervasive,but done for the most part in secret and in the shadows.


Obviously Disney has championed a broadcasting strategy that’s focused on promoting a liberal agenda and is now working with Fox a broadcasting company which produced Fox News for instance which for years promoted a more conservative viewpoint.I don’t know about you but that’s very disturbing and troubling to me.


From my understanding there had already been rumors circulating that Fox was looking to change its direction because as rumors suggest Rupert Murdoch head of the company was increasingly under pressure from his sons to follow a more liberal route.I find the fact that the CEO of Disney is claiming the merger was done between the senior Murdoch primarily, as opposed to the sons, a bit suspicious .


Is such a claim merely a smoke screen to cloak Fox Entertainments liberal agenda as Murdoch’s sons secretly work behind the scenes, while being entrusted a certain level of power to go in a different, more liberal direction? It would seem to suggest as much… when you consider Fox Entertainments program ‘Empire’ for instance is rank with themes promoting destructive,sexually perverse  homosexual lifestyles. And is this really a push for the creation of quality content or just another example of greedy, corrupt,power hungry men elevating profit above principle?


And would it be wise for a conservative administration to allow the creation of a powerful liberal media juggernaut,which is sure to be used to crush and destroy any vestiges of conservative values and the conservative agenda? In my opinion that’s tantamount to giving a person that hates and wants to see you dead every known deadly weapon to insure you end up dead.


Many companies like Pepsi,Facebook,etc,for instance are already promoting a liberal fascist agenda getting intimately involved in social issues and influencing the outcome of many of those issues by throwing money and support behind them.As well as their major media influence in the form of liberal propaganda.What makes you think the merger of  even more powerful companies with liberal agenda’s wont follow the same route with even more destructive and damaging consequences?


And what’s their definition of quality programming?Using the powerful media platform to promote liberal political candidates and their radical liberal views? Using the media platform to aggressively defame,attack and demonize, individuals who oppose their very radical liberal ideas and agenda?Using the platform to promote more forms of violent media  in the form of music and movies?


Using the platform to promote sexually perverse alternative lifestyles and degenerate sexual behavior in general?Using the platform to covertly and subversively indoctrinate and brainwash children into accepting perverse sexual behavior and other destructive and questionable behaviors and practices? And the propagandizing scenarios are endless.


Allowing these types of mega mergers of liberal companies and organizations is insane, and is the equivalent of giving your enemies all the resources to completely destroy you and your agenda as conservatives. You unwisely and foolishly empower the opposition when you should be using the power at your disposal to completely dissolve these kinds of mergers and unions.Insuring they never  see the light of day to morph into all powerful, liberal fascist empires,who promote the destructive,radical,psychotic liberal agenda, by way of  big business monopolies.To your  extinction as a conservative party and your destruction,and detriment as a nation.And once you allow it to get its feet firmly under itself  it will be virtually impossible to reel back in.


I’m convinced the primary motivation is not promoting quality content,as people with a sense of decency and bible based morality would view it.But instead, corrupt, greedy men, working to garner and procure insane amounts of wealth,power,control and influence,to ultimately further and promote a destructive liberal  agenda to every corner of the globe,at the very costly, physical and spiritual expense of American citizens and members of the Global Community.