The term hypocrite is used quite frequently by many people but without any real explanation about what it really means. Many people toss the term around and use it frequently.But I’m convinced many of them don’t really understand what it means in the biblical context. The term hypocrite is mentioned quite frequently in the Bible as well but the difference is the Bible explains what it means and how offensive it is to God, as well as how seriously the practice of hypocrisy will be punished when judged.


God actually detest the practice of hypocrisy and gives strong warning about the consequences for engaging in it. But why does God hate the practice so much? And why has he promised in his word to take away the soul of the hypocrite? Because hypocrisy can be contagious in that it makes those who are led by and or influenced by the hypocrite believe that hypocritical behavior is okay in the eyes of God which can result in spiritual destruction and or condemnation. And because hypocrisy can really be defined as just another form of rebellion and wickedness, cloaked as righteousness.


The only difference is the wicked don’t claim to be righteous but the hypocrite who is wicked in many respects claims to be righteous. That is the major difference one individual knows and accepts that he or she is living completely contrary to the word of God. While the other is living completely contrary to the word of God but claims to be righteous in the eyes of God. This is something that’s very offensive to God and he promises to destroy the hypocrite when he judges him or her.


In light of such an ominous warning about the fate of the hypocrite I think it’s important for us to identify what it is and how to work to avoid being labeled or viewed as a hypocrite in the eyes of God. Let’s study God’s word to find out how serious he takes the offense and how he plans to punish the act of hypocrisy. Today’s audio is entitled The Fate Of The Hypocrite. This audio was recorded January 24, 2015.The volume of the audio decreases at some point in the audio but regulates to normal volume after about 4-5 minutes. I also state in the audio that it was recorded in 2014 but obviously what I meant was 2015. Sorry.


 The Fate Of The Hypocrite

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Added Saturday January 24,2015