By Donald Bohanon


Violent attacks against Asians appear to be on the rise as a result of ignorance and misinformation. An increasing trend of racist attacks against Asians and other minorities has been headline news on many media platforms recently. But what’s fueling it?


Obviously, the Covid19 pandemic has been instrumental in creating an atmosphere of unwarranted bias and resentment against the Asian community.  So much misinformation and opinions without proof and facts have worked to create a distorted perception of a kind, intelligent, hardworking, and humble, community of people.


China’s perceived mishandling of events surrounding the Covid19  virus in many respects has given the green light for the promotion of all kinds of conspiracy theories most of which are pure speculation at this point. And irrespective of whether the Chinese government itself, or some Chinese lab experiment gone awry, or consumption of meats from China’s exotic meat market, was responsible for the spread of the virus the Chinese people/ community bear no responsibility one way or the other.


So the anger of ignorant and misinformed people is misdirected. The Chinese and or Asian community shouldn’t have to unfairly bear the brunt of some failed Chinese lab experiment or whatever reason some may attribute to the spread of the pandemic. To think otherwise is pure ignorance and is very dangerous.


I stand with the Asian, Latino, Black, and White community in calling for an end to ignorance and violence. And would challenge anyone who is harboring such dangerous and misplaced emotions and feelings to take a closer look at themselves and be honest.


And work to make positive changes in their own lives before pointing the finger and falsely condemning an innocent people as a result of ignorance, misinformation, and festering, unaddressed, hidden, racist tendencies, that were probably lying in wait, just waiting for any reason to come out and justify its unjustifiable hate.


The Asian community is not the problem! But continued promotion and embracing of corrupting and destructive sexual perversions like homosexuality/ pedophilia, bisexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism. Mass murder in the form of abortion and murder in urban neighborhoods and communities.


The promotion of black magic and sorcery. Unaddressed hidden pockets of racism. Sins God refers to as abominations is the reason for this pandemic and will be the reason for other calamities and plagues that come upon you if you don’t repent and reject them.