By Donald Bohanon

I always felt this is the route the Democrat establishment would take if they felt securing the reigns of power was once again in reach. I always felt the bullying would begin. It’s consistent and has been consistent with the tactics they employ when anyone disagrees with their views or goes against their radical, extremist agenda.


But the question is will Supreme Court Justices cower in the face of the threats and capitulate to the demands of a radical, extremist, anti-God agenda? The Bible emphasizes in Revelation 21:7-8 that all the fearful will have their place in the Lake Of Fire when judged.


That fear is in relation to fearing men and what they can do to you. Because the fear of man can and will cause you to rebel against God in the most offensive and abominable ways, at which point you will then have to answer to God.


In other words, you may capitulate to the demands of men and in so doing sin against God, so you have to determine which would be the worse scenario. Fearing man or fearing God? Facing the wrath of men or facing the wrath of God? Fearing men has and will always be a curse. But fearing God is a blessing, and man’s treasure. In fact, the fear of God is encouraged throughout scripture. And in contrast, the fear of man is condemned throughout scripture.

 Isaiah 33:6 

King James Version (KJV)
And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the Lord is his treasure.

The Bible also says the fear of man is a snare ..Proverbs 29:25. In other words, what’s being emphasized is fearing man in regards to what he can do to you can and will result in you making decisions that may in turn anger God.


And that, in turn, presents a much bigger and frightening problem. This is the snare the Bible is emphasizing. The real question is are you going to fear God or are you going to fear man. And it’s no truer in relation to this particular situation. Refusing to capitulate and bow down to man may carry with it its own share of problems.


But refusing to fear God by capitulating to men and doing or going along with what’s offensive to God carries with it a much more frightening outcome. Let’s be honest, the radical democrat/liberal establishment thinks they see in Justice Brett Kavanaugh the opportunity to bully and manipulate a man who they perceive as weak and fearful.


They have obviously come to this conclusion as a result of Brett Kavanaugh’s emotional (but yet justifiable) display during his hearing process. They have obviously deduced from that hearing that Justice Kavanaugh is weak and will be susceptible to their threats of retaliation if certain decisions favorable to their radical agenda aren’t made. This is why the threats have begun.


But will Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch and other Supreme Court Justices capitulate in the fear of men? Or remain steadfast in their determination to do what’s right and just in the eyes of God and what’s in line with the constitution? Make no mistake about it, God’s wrath is coming upon the United States if it doesn’t change its moral direction.


It’s even now banging at the doors ready to kick the door down. Capitulating to men and their evil demands will most certainly ensure America’s fall and may very well result in the physical and spiritual destruction of those who capitulate to them.


Especially in this particular case when so many physical and spiritual lives are at stake. Doing what’s right in God’s eyes requires faith and courage. If you really trust in God you will let the threats of cowardly, evil, men roll off you like the water off a ducks back. If you truly stand for God in righteousness/obedience he will fight for you. It just requires faith, courage, and obedience. Isaiah 41:10-13.