Romans 16:17-18 –And By Good Words And Fair Speeches They Deceive The Hearts Of The Simple/Ignorant. (Warning! Strong Language)

By Donald Bohanon Posted November 20, 2022.

This particular debate between Judge Joe Brown and Michael Dyson was interesting. But the most troubling part of the debate I found to be was the part when they began to debate about what was right and wrong biblically.

I wasn’t surprised at the specific positions they took on other issues because I have heard both of them speak on occasion. So their particular positions on those issues didn’t necessarily raise any eyebrows. I have always found Judge Joe Brown to be a fairly honest man who speaks the truth about certain issues.

But, in contrast, Michael Dyson always comes across as an extreme, radical, liberal left, mouthpiece, who spews false, destructive, radical liberal left, talking points with all the deceptive eloquence, and skillful oratory, of the serpent who enticed Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

As it relates to how he tries to change the meaning of words and critical issues through clever wordplay. To convince others to fall in line with his political and immoral views. And that’s probably because that’s exactly what he is. He basically tells the people what they want to hear in many cases to promote his views and garner acceptance for his agenda, as opposed to what they need to hear.

But even with that being said always refer back to what God’s word says to determine the truth and not Judge Joe Brown or any man for that matter because men and women are corrupt and carnal by nature and are susceptible to the many pulls of the flesh and the corrupting elements of society.

As Michael Dyson is clearly exhibiting. Michael Dyson claims to be a minister of Christ while at the same time suggesting that the word of God has been altered so much so that it can’t be trusted.

And if that is the case, why preach it? Why preach a word that you don’t believe is accurate? And if you are teaching a word that you claim has been drastically altered, is inaccurate, and can’t be trusted, that would make you a liar and a deceiver and based on that why should anyone believe you in regard to anything you say?

In his own words, he’s labeled himself a liar and a deceiver. Thanks for being completely honest this one time by the way. And that’s exactly what he is, a liar and a deceiver.

The reality is that he is like so many other false teachers who use the word of God to argue certain positions and points. And then reject it when it doesn’t support their particular position regarding other issues. That’s the purest example of a hypocritical false teacher.

The truth of the matter is the Bible hasn’t been drastically altered to the point that it can no longer be trusted in the least. God said his word would be preserved. So who are you going to believe men or God? That is simply the same lying, deceptive, tactic, sexual deviants, corrupt political figures, and others, etc, use when trying to discredit the word of God to advance an evil, unbiblical agenda.

Use the word of God when necessary to deceive and lead astray. And reject its authority when it doesn’t support their position regarding other moral issues and such. And usually, these kinds of individuals are secretly engaged in the very things they argue in favor of.

This in many cases explains why they twist it and take it out of context to justify evil, ungodly, behavior because they themselves in most cases are secretly practicing that same evil ungodly behavior they argue in favor of. This is normally how it operates.

The truth of the matter is he is not a minister of God he is a minister of Satan and a hypocrite who hides behind a false cloak of righteousness. He supports and promotes behavior that God says can and will result in your destruction if you follow it. He simply justifies the wicked for a reward like many of his contemporaries and according to the Bible, there will be a cost for that Proverbs 17:15, Isaiah 5:20-25.

You just have to determine who you are going to believe and follow, corrupt men who are motivated by greed and seek to advance an evil agenda and secretly satisfy their lusts? Or God who will never lie to you and his word which is the only source of truth, and is infallible, and has, in fact, proven itself reliable throughout history?

Michael Dyson has a way of speaking that appeals to the lusts, greed, pride, anger, resentment, vanity, and bitterness, etc, of men and women to garner their support which is the exact way Satan operates. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 says these kinds of false teachers transform themselves into the Apostles of Christ when in reality they are the Apostles of Satan.

The Bible says cursed is anyone who puts their trust in the words of men and women above the word of God. Jeremiah 17:5-6. If you believe liars and deceivers like Michael Dyson you will find yourselves facing an angry vengeful God when you are judged and in his coming wrath upon all the ungodly.

But if you follow God’s direction and word you will be blessed and acquitted when you face him. The Bible says in 2 Peter 2:1-3 that there is a consequence for false teachers who promote rebellion against God as a way to fill their pockets and twist his word to deceptively justify their abominable sin. God says their judgment of a long time lingereth not and their damnation slumbereth not. In other words, their destruction is coming quickly.

As the Bible outlines his day and the day of many others like him is coming. But it’s your responsibility to reject his words which are completely contrary to God’s word to ensure you are not a recipient of the coming wrath of God upon all ungodly men and deceivers like Michael Eric Dyson.

Believe God’s word to your salvation not liars and deceivers like Michael Eric Dyson to your physical and spiritual destruction. Based on how egregiously inaccurate, and contrary to the word of God his statements were I personally wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth at this point moving forward. Trust me, let me correct that, trust God, you do that to your benefit. Romans 16:17-18, 2 Peter 2:1-3. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, James 3:1.

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