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But how can it be a racially motivated shooting when the first victim was a white woman? Let me be clear I don’t condone any acts of violence but this seems to be following a consistent pattern where these kinds of incidents happen right around election time.

Or at the very least around the time elections are quickly approaching. As a way to incite racial hatred, violence, and tension, and to influence elections. This is a very sad and tragic event and I pray for the victims and their families. I’m not necessarily saying that this incident was staged but the fact that it happened right around the time the mid-terms are approaching raises eyebrows.

I also find the fact that they label it racially motivated, suspicious when his first victim appears to be a white woman. And not discounting the fact that some reports are now suggesting that more than one white person was killed.

And when you consider the alleged shooter allegedly talked extensively with a black man for hours before the shooting and didn’t harm him. This even makes you question if the alleged manifesto is authentic when you consider the inconsistencies in the story. I will be adding additional posts as more information comes in disputing or confirming the reason behind the shooting.