Question:Why Don’t You Reveal Yourself And How You Look Why Are You Hiding?


Donald Bohanon: I would advise you to focus on the truth of the message as opposed to how the person looks who is delivering the message. I believe that’s very important.Some people will follow an individual simply because  they are physically appealing and look a certain way.Or because they are wealthy and popular even if the message their delivering is wrought with lies and destructive misinformation.


That’s very dangerous. My hope is that you will heed the message based on how its fully supported by the truth of scripture,as opposed to heeding or not heeding the information based on how I look.Don’t focus on how I look focus on the truth of the message.


I’m not hiding and I have certainly heard rumors coming from God haters/sexual deviants and the like, which suggest that I’m not revealing myself because I’m not attractive as well as other outrageous claims.Which is certainly not the case.Eventually I will be posting video’s and images in the very near future that will dispel those false rumors and false allegations.


They are going to look stupid when I post those images and dispel more of their lies. I’m not the most attractive man on the face of the earth but I’m no push over in that dept either.I think I probably look better than many of the liars and God hating sexual deviants who don’t know me at all but yet claim I’m not attractive.


At least I have been told that by a few women who were genuine and honest in their assessment of my physical appearance.As opposed to former female acquaintances  many who are bitter because I left them.


Most or all of those females had asked for my hand in marriage.I didn’t ask for theirs they asked for my hand in marriage.And they didn’t leave me I left them with the exception of one. But in all honesty I think they were attracted to more than just looks in my case.


Some who had even gone as far as showing up on my doorstep fully clad in white wedding gowns.True story.What should that tell you?And they were all very attractive women.


Some may try and claim inaccurately and deceptively that money was the motivation for the strong attachment that those women expressed,but that certainly wasn’t the case.I don’t believe in buying love because it can’t be purchased.


So another important point to note is, it was important that the woman proved her loyalty to me before I would be fully invested financially or otherwise into the relationship.I didn’t play the buying love game.I felt that was for suckers.


Who weren’t confident in their abilities to get a woman invested and fully committed without throwing money at them.So contribution from the woman was a serious requirement in my book before I would be fully invested otherwise.


I have always been of the belief that you will never find out who a woman really is and if she really loves you or not by throwing money at her and trying to buy her love, without creating a window or environment for her to prove her love..


Without creating an environment for her to reciprocate.I have helped a lot of people in  life women included,but buying love from a woman is a different situation altogether and is  not something I participated or believed  in.


Looking to get involved with a greedy, selfish woman,who intensely loves money is the worst thing you can do.And molding a humble woman into a greedy, materialistic woman,is the worst thing you can do.


That can be detrimental to you on so many levels.If she flies the coop because you expect her to reciprocate then let her go she has shown her true colors and she has done you a favor.Let some one else have that financial and emotional liability.She will only be there for your money and when your money is gone or even gets low she will disappear and be on to next sucker as she sells her body to the next highest bidder.


Certainly my perspective has changed a bit since then because God requires a selfless attitude when serving him.But I think I will always use a similar method of validation,if you will,to determine who the woman really is and what her motives really are.


This is the truth I’m not sure what they are saying.I think this is relevant to dispel some of the misinformation that may be coming from those areas as well.I’m not tooting my own horn or being arrogant.Just speaking the truth and giving it to you straight.But I don’t necessarily think any man is appealing to all women and vice versa.Because we all have different preferences.


But I will let you and others be the judge of that.You will get to see me yourself  as opposed to photo shopped images that may be circulating that look nothing at all like me. Just stay tuned.But until then focus on the message and more importantly the “TRUTH” of the message.