Question:How Do You Look Are Dark Or Light Short Or Tall?Do You Look like Or Better Than Say Bishop T.D Jakes, Idris Elba,Fifty Cent,Or Jay Z As Examples For Instance?And When Can We Expect A Video Or A Photo Of You?


Donald Bohanon: I would encourage you as I have told others to focus on the message and not on the appearance or the person.Because you lose sight of what’s most important by focusing on the person or appearance as opposed to the message.


But I’m tall about 6:2 and an ebony skin color. And I don’t like to compare myself to other men.And not to take anything away from them in terms of appearance,but I’m certain I look better than all those individuals.


But all of them have much more money than me so I’m sure that’s the great equalizer for most women and would probably make them more attractive than me when you factor in the money.But humbly speaking I’m sure I’m better looking than those individuals and a fairly handsome guy.But stay tuned I should be posting my first video soon.