Question: You’re A Good Writer But I Noticed You Don’t Capitalize Certain Words That Should Be Capitalized. Why Is That?


Donald Bohanon: For two reasons actually. Initially when I first started the site I was simply focused on getting a message out. I wasn’t even that concerned with capitalization or sentence structure because I wasn’t sure the site would become as popular as it has.. So, many of the articles looked terrible, like clumps of text crammed together without separation or structure.


I had to go back and rewrite many of the articles and I still don’t capitalize all my words when I should, primarily because  I am not a fast typer. So the fact that some words are not capitalized  has more to do with saving time as opposed to my inability to properly capitalize. I try to write well enough so what I’m saying can be clearly understood as opposed to the focus being  perfect punctuation.  My objective is to clearly and effectively convey an important message. Not necessarily win a writing contest.