Question: You Had Several Videos On Your Site From Other Churches What Happened To Them Were You Told To Take Them Down?



Donald Bohanon:  No, no one advised me to remove them, I removed them myself.Because the churches teach that  all men will be saved and reconciled back to God.


A doctrine which is not supported by scripture, is very dangerous, and can encourage rebellion against God and his word, because it gives the impression that you can do whatever you want to do, and behave any way you want to behave, without ever worrying about repercussions or consequences.


I even recall hearing one minister from the “UCG” say in so many words on a broadcast that was aired,that God will not do any harm to you because he is a God of love.


That statement is completely unbiblical and sounds much like the false teachings promoted by many of these false churches, who teach the false doctrine of salvation by grace through faith only. That statement essentially amounts to a gross misinterpretation and misrepresentation of God and his word, and is not supported by God’s word at all.


I’m sorry that is simply not supported by scripture, and is very dangerous. But.. say for instance I am wrong, I doubt very seriously I will have to worry about punishment, or correction from God, because teaching obedience and consequences for sin is never a bad thing, because it promotes and encourages obedience to God and his word, because of fear of consequence, which is justified.


But if they are wrong it could prove disastrous for them, because teaching that the wicked wont be held accountable for their evil, only encourages more evil, disobedience and rebellion, which ultimately results in condemnation.And those who taught that doctrine will most certainly be  held accountable for those lost souls.


You can’t go wrong or risk condemnation teaching what I’m teaching.Which also happens to be fully supported by the preponderance of scripture. As I said before I agree with most of what the true churches teach, but that doctrine I most certainly do not.


I may put them back up though because they are full of very helpful information. I’m just concerned if I do put them back up people will be led to their sites and be fed that misleading information. That’s my concern.