Q&A:Why Do You Claim Homosexuals Are Biased When You Are Obviously Biased Against Homosexuals?

Donald Bohanon: Don’t mistake speaking the truth for being biased. Everything I’ve said as it relates to homosexuality is the truth. For instance, I’ve stated that homosexuality is disease-producing. Homosexual sex which involves swimming in fecal matter is filthy and infectious. Honest, ethical, medical studies and science support this.

But homosexuals and lesbians it seems completely reject the accurate science about how destructive and infectious homosexual sex is. But always refer to science only when it’s convenient for them. The same applies to scripture they will refer to it and take verses out of context when trying to use it to justify their lifestyle. But reject and try to discount it when it clearly condemns the lifestyle.

Homosexuals and lesbians are prodigious, pathological liars, slanderers, false accusers, manipulators, and opportunists. They are the worst of the worst and abominable in God’s eyes. This is not only supported by the fact they live a lie, and have to lie practically every day when trying to justify the filthy, corrupting behavior, and convince others the behavior is harmless and even worse…beneficial.

But also as it relates to the incessant lying and slandering they engage in when trying to satisfy the lust and draw(literally force) the ignorant, naive and vulnerable into the lifestyle. Not to mention the many instances of evil, diabolical behavior, they regularly engage in,that’s rarely reported by the liberal mainstream media.

The Homosexual And Lesbian Sickness And Agenda.

More importantly, God clearly explains in his word the abominable evil behavior the perversion produces, because of how it warps the spirit, which in turn produces a warped mental state, which produces twisted abominable evil behavior..Romans 1:26-32.

One thing I’ve learned over time is when God says something is evil and destructive no science or medical studies are necessary, you can take God’s word on the matter to the bank and can bet your life on it. Even if it doesn’t initially appear the statement is accurate, rest assured evil things and evil behavior are going on spiritually and secretly that you don’t see but God can see which confirms God’s word. And will eventually clearly reveal itself over time.

I have come to realize what God says in relation to this behavior is true based on my own limited experience, in “work environments” with sexual deviants over time. Women probably wont be able to see it because homosexuals are not interested in women.

So women won’t necessarily be subjected to the kind of harassment they direct against men. But many men have been and are being relentlessly subjected to it in the workplace and in other environments now. That limited experience and my observations of them from a distance in “work environments” have revealed to me much about them and how that behavior clearly supports God’s view on the matter. But honest, ethical science and medicine, as it relates to the issue is supportive of God’s word as well.

Quite the contrary, my strong views on the matter are not based on bias, but on my own limited experiences with them in work environments, as well as in relation to the truth outlined in God’s word. Not to mention their own regular, evil, filthy behavior,that’s rarely covered by the mainstream media. I’m not being biased just merely speaking the truth and exposing the evil for what it is and when doing so it can come across as a bit harsh to some.

But the truth will always hurt and offend at times otherwise it wouldn’t be truth. But if they feel offended by the truth don’t engage in the abominable evil behavior. You can’t cry and protest if you molest children and are then labeled a molester. You can’t cry and protest when you lie incessantly and are then labeled as a liar.

You can’t cry and protest  if you steal and are then labeled a thief. You can’t cry and protest when you engage in perverse sexual behavior and are then labeled a pervert or a sexual deviant. And the list goes on. Liars, thieves, molesters, etc,are justifiably condemned when they engage in these practices and homosexual deviants are no different.

All of these behaviors are rightfully condemned and called what they are. Homosexuals are not exempt from the truth being spoken about them either.If you don’t want the truth being spoken about the evil you engage in, then don’t engage in the evil, perverse, sexual behavior.The truth(as God defines it) is not biased. There is no bias or bigotry in the truth. But lies are based on and in many cases are the result of bias.

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