Question: Why Aren’t You Speaking On Bigger Platforms And On Camera To Spread The Truth?

Donald Bohanon: I do what I can with my limited resources. I’m not so quick to speak on platforms like Youtube for instance where they can censor what you say or simply completely shut you down if you say something that’s contrary to their agenda. It would be counterproductive and a waste of time to have created so much content only to have it removed instantly.

I prefer being in complete control so what I say and teach won’t be compromised. But if you want me to reach the masses, spread the word and donate. There would be no sadder situation to be in where you are in the midst of everything that’s been prophesied on this site wishing that you had done more to support the work to prevent the calamity that you yourselves will be going through.

God actually does say a time is coming when he is going to shut the work down and at that time people will be earnestly looking for guidance from his true apostles and prophets and the truth they speak but they won’t be able to find it or them because they will be taken to a place of safety to escape the calamity.

God says this world doesn’t deserve his servants or his truth because you reject the truth and persecute his servants. He says he’s going to eventually send strong delusion in the form of false teachers and deceivers so you will believe lies instead to your own physical and spiritual destruction.

Because you don’t love the truth but instead love lies and cling to lies. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12. God actually reveals to me that many people will be on the brink of giving only to allow themselves to be talked out of by others. There are times I have wept quietly when praying to God because I know what’s coming and I know it can be stopped. And I see some taking action but it’s not enough. More needs to be done, much more.

You can’t expect me to do more with limited resources when you do nothing and sit on your hands yourselves. God says you want me to embrace and support your views in exchange for support but that’s nonnegotiable and he would destroy me and you if I went that route. That doesn’t benefit me or you. And I promise the reapers are at the door even now awaiting marching orders from the great God Yahweh as his impatience grows. And that’s not an empty threat.

If you want to see me on camera reaching much larger audiences donate so I can do that. What I can promise is I will be transparent in providing all the details of where the money is going on this site. Do other self-proclaimed ministers do that? To build trust you have to trust first. I do what I can with what I have. The question is what are you doing? And will you continue to do nothing until it’s too late?