Question: Why Aren’t You More Open And Vulnerable? I Feel More People Would Gravitate To You If You Were More Open And Vulnerable.

Donald Bohanon: I would never open up in terms of revealing what my strengths and weaknesses are at such a wicked time where evil, lies, backstabbing, treachery, deceit, etc, abound. That’s absolutely ignorant in my opinion.

All you would be doing is giving your enemies ammunition to use against you. As a way to manipulate and destroy you. That way of thinking is for this comatose/woke generation that feels putting absolute faith and trust in men and women alone is the way to solve all of your problems. And doing things they wouldn’t normally do, or doing things they’re uncomfortable with, or things they know are wrong, to please others just to get along or be accepted.

And that’s a form of insanity in my opinion. I’m not with that open and vulnerable movement as a way to endear people to me to be accepted and advance. What I can offer though is authenticity and truth. And if that doesn’t draw the people I’m not sure what will.