Question: In Your Audio ‘Wrath Of God Or Man Made Climate Change?’ You Say The Bible Says ‘Cursed Is The Man Who Puts His Trust In Man’. Does That Mean We Are Not To Trust Men?

Donald Bohanon: That means we are not to trust any man whose instruction or counsel is contrary to God’s instruction and counsel. And yes that applies to women as well. Because the woman is just an extension of man and completes man in his reproductive capacity. She was created from man’s rib. But with some obvious profound and noticeable differences.

Any time you hear the Bible mention man in a similar context woman is automatically included because she is just an extension of man and once again completes man in his reproductive capacity.

The verse simply means we are not to trust any man or woman’s word above the word of God. Men and women who are corrupt and carnal at their very core and whose beliefs conflict with God’s word can’t be relied on to make important decisions that could negatively impact the lives of billions of people.

Because going against God and what he commands will certainly result in confusion, anarchy/chaos, and eventually calamity and destruction. Disobeying God ( especially in relation to abominable sins) has always resulted in calamity and ruin. Embracing and promoting debased immoral behavior has always resulted in the collapse and fall of nations.

History has proven this over and over again. To simplify it, never trust any man or woman’s word over what God says. If God says through his word the Bible that the behavior is wrong and leads to both physical and spiritual death and a man or woman says that the behavior is good and it’s okay to practice, support, and promote it throw the man or woman’s words in the trash, or flush them down the toilet, whichever you prefer, because that’s where they belong.

And fully embrace God’s word instead. I would also encourage you to distance yourselves from individuals like that. Because if not they can deceive you with lies, false science, misinformation, and by completely misinterpreting the word of God by applying their own personal interpretation to it as opposed to allowing the Bible to interpret itself. They will in most cases intentionally twist the meaning of Bible verses to deceive and advance an evil ungodly agenda.

In this context, if the man or woman’s words conflict with God’s word and you follow them, you are cursed. Sometimes the cursing begins to manifest itself immediately. But sometimes it reveals itself gradually and over time you begin to then realize the magnitude of your error and that you are cursed as you foolishly chose to follow and put the words of men and women above the word of God.