Question: In Your Audio ‘Is Grace A License To Sin?’ You Say We Would Be Wasting Our Money By Giving It To Ministers. Does That Mean That You Don’t Believe In Tithing?

Donald Bohanon: Absolutely not. Tithing is still a requirement. My point is that you shouldn’t tithe to false ministers who lie to you and then expect you to pay them to lie to you. The doctrine they teach will get you destroyed by God if you follow it because it basically condones transgressing God’s commandments and word.

If you are going to tithe be sure you are tithing to a true church of God or supporting a true servant of God representing God and God’s true work. You will know if it’s a work of God because what the teacher or prophet teaches is fully supported by scripture in different books throughout the Bible and the words they speak will come to fruition as the servant outlined. And they will always be promoting God’s doctrine. Tithing is still a requirement just make sure you are supporting God’s true work.