Q&A: If I Were An Open And Proud Lesbian Or Homosexual But Helped Save Many Lives By Giving And Helping Many Will God Have Mercy On Me When I’m Judged? 

Question: If I were an open and proud lesbian or homosexual but helped save many lives by giving and helping many will God have mercy on me when I’m judged? 

Donald Bohanon: I will try to answer the question with a question. Let’s say for instance you gave to and helped thousands of people in your life but millions, on the other hand, are condemned and destroyed physically and spiritually as a result of you supporting, practicing, and promoting corrupting, destructive, sexually perverse behavior, through lies, propaganda and false information. You support practice and promote, the destructive, corrupting behavior, motivated by your selfish, perverted lust and sex addiction.

Do you think the fact that you helped thousands will override the fact that you were responsible for the destruction of millions of spiritual lives? Do you think God is going to spare you because you helped thousands but were essentially responsible for destroying millions of physical and spiritual lives?

Now keep in mind one spiritual life is of much, much, much greater value than a physical life in God’s eyes because you can’t resurrect a spiritual life when it’s destroyed. Not discounting the abominable evil behavior the perversion produces if not repented of. Romans 1:26-32. To be effective acts of mercy/love/kindness can never be used as a type of atonement for continued abominable evil behavior. But as part of a sincere change in behavior. So you helped and saved thousands of physical lives but were instrumental in destroying millions of physical and spiritual lives?

By practicing and promoting the behavior and even encouraging, manipulating, and forcing others to practice it and drawing them into the corrupting, destructive lifestyle and behavior. You are actually complicit/responsible for committing physical and spiritual genocide. What verdict do you think God is going to render when he judges you?… Romans 1:32

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