Question: Have You Heard About The Teaching That Women Are Gods And Creators Of Life Because They Give Birth And If So What Do Think About It?


Donald Bohanon: Yes I have heard that teaching and it is one of the most ridiculous outrageous things I have heard.And is obviously just another form of deception Satan is using in these end times to lead ignorant, unlearned people astray and away from God, and down paths of destruction. Woman is not even equal with man according to God and his word, but now they have elevated her to God status?


Woman can be  just as carnal, corrupt and wicked as man. To promote such a ridiculous teaching is insane and very dangerous because it puts the focus on an imperfect and carnal object and subject, and dictates that we should look to this corrupt and imperfect vessel as the answer to what ails mankind.When in reality, corrupt and carnal men and women,who are led and influenced by Satan, are in reality what is destroying societies and the world.


So in essence when you adopt that philosophy in reality you are choosing Satan to lead guide and direct you,because he is the source who is leading, guiding and directing, carnal men and women. So to answer your question yes I have heard that Satanic teaching and it is ridiculous and will prove deadly and disastrous if fully adopted,because of who you are really following when you elevate corrupt woman to the status of God, which is blasphemous and Satanic in nature.


And woman’s ability to bear children has nothing to do with her, but has everything to do with God who created and designed her body to do just that, bear children. Without God creating and designing her in such a way she would  never be able to perform such a critical and important function. So all praise goes to the true God and true creator, and not carnal woman, “The Created”.


This is not intended to minimize or devalue woman’s abilities,achievements, accomplishments or contributions, which should also be kept in it’s proper perspective as well, and not elevated or exalted above a level  it shouldn’t be.Or what a woman goes through as it relates to the pain of child birth because I’m sure it’s painful and is not something I would personally ever want to go through. But to suggest that she should be considered a God for doing something she was created by God to do, and not necessarily because of her own predetermined  power and ability, is ridiculous and absurd.


Woman is also a mortal vessel that gets sick, dies and goes back to the earth,and there is nothing she or any man can do to change that, but now she is considered a God? Only a fool would buy into that insane teaching and or follow anyone who teaches it.


The teaching,philosophy, theory, or whatever you want to call it, is ridiculous and comes directly from the bosom and mind of Satan.Designed only to draw attention away from the real God, who is the only source who has the answers to what ails mankind, and thereby deceive, lead astray, and destroy physically and spiritually.