Question: Have You Ever Tried To Hit On The Actress Stacey D.?


Donald Bohanon: That’s an interesting question and  I would be curious why you would ask it.I would respond to that by asking did she make that claim?And if she did that is not the truth at all.I actually sent her a facebook message a couple of  years ago with a three word question which was “what’s the catch?” Now she may have completely misinterpreted that question to mean something it didn’t. 


I intentionally blocked out the last name for privacy reasons. But anyone she knows and has been possibly peddling that false rumor to will know who I’m talking about.Let me also clarify I don’t know her personally and don’t have anything against her I’m just setting the record straight.


The motivation behind the question was Donald Trump running as president and the fact that she being a black woman and a conservative Trump supporter had me curious and wondering. So the question was meant to find out why she chose the conservative platfrom or party and why she was supporting Donald Trump.I was curious to know if she had some kind of inside information into the goings on of the campaign and his political objectives.


And that’s all it was, but she never responded back so I never messaged her again.I eventually took it upon myself to investigate and find out what his real  motivations were.


So that’s the whole story in a nutshell and is really nothing to talk about.If she is claiming it was a come on she would be wrong, and if so I’m not sure how she could come to that conclusion based on that simple three word question with no sexual or suggestive overtones or undertones and with no follow up.I actually still have that one message I sent if anyone wants to see it.