Q&A: Do You Edit Your Articles At All Or Just Stick With The Original Version?


Donald Bohanon: Yes I may edit an article several times in a day or two to get it right. Because there have been many times after publishing and then proofreading again I realized I made a few mistakes as it relates to leaving a letter or certain words out. Or leaving out information that would have made the article more informative.


Or certain words were misspelled or didn’t properly fit into a specific paragraph. Or I may change the sentence structure after proofreading while adding even more text as I recall or remember more information than I realized would make the article more clear, concise, and informative.


So yes I could edit an article several times to get it perfect and more to my liking. But I never change the original point or outline of the article only correcting words or changing a word or two, if necessary, to better communicate the message.


And as it relates to prophetic statements I leave those as they are and don’t alter them to ensure the authenticity of the statement and to give no-doubter the opportunity to suggest that I altered the statement to fit the event.


The statement comes before the event as opposed to the event coming before the statement is the point I’m making. So it’s important that’s preserved. But yes I do edit my articles periodically to ensure I am presenting the best version, of the article, as I see it.