Question: Q&A: Do You Believe The Black Man Is Destined To Secure Power After 400 Years Of White Man’s Rule?


Donald Bohanon: There are examples in the Bible where God has stripped power from one blessed group or nation and given it to strangers because of the rebellion of the nation he initially blessed because of their obedience.


The uprising and turmoil God is allowing to come upon the U.S. could be a prelude to that but only time will tell. It’s certainly a possibility considering America has been blessed so abundantly in so many ways but yet has repaid God with rebellion, and treachery, in that they practice, support, and promote, behavior God detests.


Some religious groups will suggest the turmoil and uprising is a sign of prophecy being fulfilled in relation to their beliefs and teachings. But the Bible also says there will be civil unrest in the last days as one of many other plagues leading to a lessening of America’s status on the world scene.


And ultimately to its fall and destruction. All as a result of its abominable sins. The Bible also says the stranger that is within thee or dwelling among thee, ie blacks and other minorities (speaking of Israel/America) will get high above thee, and the stranger shall lend to thee, and you shall borrow from the stranger.


The stranger shall be the head and most segments of white America shall be the tail Deuteronomy 28:43-53. Deuteronomy 28:43-53 is an ancient prophecy with end-time meaning.


The preceding and succeeding verses outline the destruction that God will bring upon the nation by plaguing it with natural disasters, disease epidemics, famine, and by sending another nation against them to conquer them.


Which will eventually result in America cannibalizing their young as a result of famine and many other curses. All because of the abominable sins of the nation.  Deuteronomy 28:43-53


We certainly see what appears to be in the eyes of many a change in the economic dominance of America as a result of the Corona Virus plague.


So that could very well result in the fulfillment of that particular prophecy. But only time will tell. But no race or group, if they secure the reigns of power, will maintain that power and dominance as long as they are sinning against God in abominable ways.


America’s fall is prophesied to be an example to other nations as it relates to the consequences of abominable sin. No matter who is in a position of power, if the moral direction doesn’t change in terms of departing from the abominable sinful behavior, in the form of mass murder as a result of abortion. And mass murder in urban neighborhoods and communities, etc.


The practicing and promotion of perverse sexual behavior in the form of homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, and pedophilia. As well as the blatant trampling of God’s commandments. Some commandments like love thy neighbor as thyself which condemn racism as well . And the practicing of sorcery and or black magic the outcome won’t change and will be the same — “destruction”.


So the temporary transfer of power could be a real possibility based on Bible prophecy but the prophesied destruction of America will certainly come to fruition if their moral direction doesn’t change regardless of who’s in power.


But if you are asking if blacks and other minorities will secure power here in the U.S. for an indefinite period of time if the moral direction doesn’t change? Absolutely not.


Just as God has done historically with other sinful nations in stripping them of power and giving it to another nation or group more worthy.


It has always resulted in the fall and destruction of the nation or group who received power as a form of disqualification, as a result of the sins of the previous nation or group, as long they followed the same sins and direction of the previous group or nation that fell out of favor.


Obedience to God as it relates to rejecting the more offensive abominable sins and obedience to God’s commandments maintains and secures power. Abominable sin and rebellion against God’s commandments will always ensure you’re stripped of it.


The more realistic scenario is destruction as prophesied in scripture as long as the abominable sins aren’t rejected. Regardless of who’s in power at the very end. Whoever’s in power in the end it will be short-lived if the abominable sins are not departed from.

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