Q&A: Are You Unattractive Is That Why You Don’t Show Yourself?

Question: Are You Unattractive Is That Why You Don’t Show Yourself?

Donald Bohanon: I don’t think so and I have never had a woman that I was involved with tell me that she thought I was. It was quite the opposite. I think that belief may have to do with the fact there’s a black and white bad driver’s license photo or two of me floating around that would even make me wave a crucifix and rebuke the devil in the name of the lord to be quite frank. Lol.

I have seen them and what I will tell you is that lighting is very, very, very, very, very, very very, did I say very? Oh, I did? Well, I will add one or two more very’s to that to really emphasize how very important lighting is when it comes to taking photos. Especially for brown-skinned individuals.

This is something I know. That particular photo in question was in the possession of a woman that I had an interview with regarding a business matter recently but when I showed up the woman and others were shocked by their own words how different I looked in person. Those pictures look noooooooothing like me is the point.

I got the impression by her friendly demeanor and the demeanor of other females that they may have thought I was fairly decent looking. Or a nice guy. At least that’s how they came across and I like to think I’m a pretty perceptive guy. Attractive women aren’t normally very friendly and attentive to ugly men.

Unless there’s some money in it for them. But there was none in this case. Every woman that I have ever had was very attractive/ beautiful and I never used money to get them. And money wasn’t a major concern while I was with them. I don’t know of many beautiful women today that would be smitten by a man who doesn’t use his financial status to some degree to attract them.

I also believe those who are suggesting that I am unattractive are more than likely offended by the truth I put out and normally, unfairly, reference those bad black and white driver’s license photos or bad driver’s license photos in general to promote that notion. To try to create a false perception of me by using those bad photos.

The photo was actually taken under my chin so much so that you can see my nostrils. You can actually see under my chin. Which also gives the appearance of my nose being bigger than it really is. No driver’s license photo should be taken like that unless you are intentionally trying to distort the picture and make it look terrible. Which I’m convinced was the goal. I also think it’s done as way to get me to reveal myself.

But the important thing is to listen to the message as opposed to being concerned about the way I look because what I do has never been about me. But only about speaking God’s truth. And delivering his warning message. I also will never allow myself to be manipulated to reveal myself.

I will do that when I’m ready. But if an unattractive man is someone who has always been in relationships or involvements with beautiful women, and who was loved unconditionally by those women, If that defines an unattractive man then I guess I may be unattractive.

But I’m a modest man and if I had to rate myself I would say on a scale from 1-10 I’m about a 6 or a 7. I think that”s honest and reasonable. It may be slightly higher or lower in the eyes of some women though. It just depends on the person.

The ignorant approach of tricking off my money in a lame, futile, effort to try and buy love or to get women has never been a part of the way I go about getting women. Never. And if anyone has ever told you that they are lying like rugs. You can easily spoil and corrupt a woman’s character when you shower her with money and expensive gifts constantly.

So much so that she becomes extremely selfish and materialistic, feels entitled, and views you as nothing but a money grab. Especially if you are not fulfilling her critical needs in other areas ie emotional, mental, sexual, etc. While at the same time not expecting her to reciprocate.

At which point she becomes practically useless in terms of a meaningful relationship. And when the money’s gone she will in most cases leave as well because she has gotten so accustomed to being spoiled. That’s for men who are not confident in who they are and don’t know their own self-worth separate from what they have to offer monetarily.

It’s almost like a crutch for weak insecure men. That’s not to say money is not important because it is. I have just never used it as a crutch. Unfortunately, these are the same kinds of men who allow their women to do all the thinking for them. They’re easily blinded by beauty and charm.

These are the types of men that will attack a grizzly bear bare-handed because their women will have them fully convinced they can win. The type of guys who think because they have convinced their woman to accept a $50,000 Birkin bag as opposed to a $500,000 Birkin bag they have been successful in negotiating a reasonable price or thinking for themselves, and winning the argument.

No purse should be priced over $100 anything over that and you are paying a ridiculous amount for the name and being financially screwed in the process. You can take that $500,000 and invest it in other money-generating ventures that could make you even more money and also significantly help the poor in the process. Most black people have been deceived into believing that a person’s self-worth is defined by what they have on their backs or in their pockets or what they’re riding in as opposed to what’s in their minds/ brains and souls/ spirits.

That’s why they don’t work on improving character but primarily focus on increasing wealth with little to no emphasis on developing character. As God defines character, and not men. And in many cases, they do that in the wrong way and recklessly. That attitude, approach, and way of thinking is completely destroying the black community. But the truth of the matter is most women love to be submissive it’s a part of their feminine nature and character.

You just have to have the right qualities and approach to hit the right spot to bring that submissive nature gushing up to the top. So much so that money won’t be first and foremost on her mind when dealing with you. Important, but not most important. But obviously, as times become more difficult the importance of finances increases.

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