Question: Are you the musician Donald Bohanon who plays the flute?


Donald Bohanon: Absolutely not!!!! I don’t look like that guy. I don’t think like that guy. I don’t behave promote or support what that guy supports. I don’t support the guy himself. I have no affiliation or association with the guy whatsoever. I strongly condemn his lifestyle and know that it’s an offense and repugnant to God.


That guy is a homosexual and I’m heterosexual, and as straight and unyielding as an iron dumbell bar. The guy is married to a man from my understanding, which I find repulsive,nauseating and sickening, and an affront to God… Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-32, Romans 1:30. We are two totally different Donald Bohanons with nothing at all in common.


I hope that answers your question, so please don’t ever get us confused or mixed up. I have never met the guy and have no desire at all to meet him. I have only seen his photo playing the flute once or twice. But more importantly I think what distinguishes and separates us is he hates God evidenced by his behavior. And I love and fear God evidenced by mine…. Romans 1:30