President Obama Is Reelected.



Congratulations on your reelection Mr. President, the American Public has chosen to reelect you as President Of The United States. I’m sure you understand that with this reelection  comes great responsibility.


The future of America will be secured in the short term anyway, based on the policies that you implement and direction that you choose to take, and if those policies and direction are in accordance with the word and will of God.


I am convinced God saw something in Mitt Romney that let him know that Mr. Romney was not the man to bring about the necessary changes, as well as other issues like what appeared to many to be his lack of compassion for the poor and minorities like Hispanics, etc.


Let me start off by saying I agree with some of your policies but obviously not all.And  what I know about God is that he delights in humbling defiant Kings, he has done it throughout Bible history with many Kings.


King Nebuchadnezzar as well as the “King of Egypt” being one of the most notable figures in scripture that he raised up for that very purpose to humble him so that God might be glorified. Let’s hope that this is not the case as it relates to you,for the sake of lives and livelihoods..


The question is will you engage in business as usual Mr. President? Will you continue to work to legalize homosexual/lesbian marriage? Something that’s extreme;y offensive to God.


Hope is useless! If the hope is based on and centered around supporting behaviors and lifestyles that greatly offend and enrage  God.I hope and pray your stance regarding this issue will drastically change for the good of all Americans.


But please understand Mr. President if this issue not addressed and remedied America will not prosper in the long term.If we refuse to repent as a nation  God promises to heap mischiefs or troubles on America and other nations who engage in  these offensive practices.



In the form of destructive weather patterns, economic troubles, disease and famine, etc, until they are destroyed, and if you refuse to heed God and continue to work to legalize these perversions  America will be humbled and broken in the sight of the world as a testament to how offensive and wicked we are to God as a nation.


Let’s pray that you will choose a  direction and path that  rejects  perverse, ungodly unions, like homosexual and lesbian marriage. You have two options reject these perversions and be blessed and regarded by God.But if you refuse to do so and continue to stand in defiance of God and work to legalize these perversions you have merely been given a second term as President so that God can be glorified by humbling you and this nation in the sight of the world, because of your blatant defiance.


America will never be great again if you and others continue to  defy God in regards to these very offensive issues.You and America will simply be humbled, embarrassed, and brought low as the world watches.


I pray that you will heed God’s warning and govern with the fear of God in your heart, rather than suffer this type of destruction,correction, and embarrassment for the whole world to see.


But congratulations once again on your reelection, may God guide and direct your path and give you the courage to make wise decisions that are pleasing in God’s sight as opposed to decisions that are offensive and that greatly anger him.


By Donald Bohanon