President Donald Trump threatens action against “Google” for what he claims to be rigged search engine results.Google claims they have never used the search engine to spread negative information about a particular individual.. and they may be right about that.But they don’t need to intentionally spread negative information when all they need to do is rig the search results so nothing but negative information comes up when someone enters the search phrase “Donald Trump”.


I’m convinced this is a practice Google and other “Social Media Behemoths” have been consistently engaging in,in an effort to influence elections.And not only that, but to also influence the direction the nation is going in as well.Honestly, in my opinion, this is something he should have done a looooong time ago.Google is no different than Facebook in that they are left leaning primarily because it benefits them financially and in other ways in one way or another.


President Trump is right in seeking to insure such biased practices of manipulating the American public by way of far reaching Social Media influence is brought to a complete halt.In fact, the sooner he is about the business of insuring these behemoths are regulated, the better for his re-election efforts and the nation in general.


These are godless,carnal,corrupt,human,men and women at the helm and in positions of power in these organizations.If you think bias,greed,pride,lust,prejudice,envy,hate, and resentment,etc,are impossibilities,as opposed strong possibilities,and aren’t fueling their decision making, you are blind,foolish,and completely mistaken.


Many of the individuals who run these businesses have rejected God.And in so doing embraced Satan.They may be the designated owners of these organizations but you can best believe Satan in many respects is running the organizations because of their hate and complete rejection of God evidenced by what they practice,support and promote.


I wrote in a recent article that Facebook and other Social Media giants need to be reeled in as quickly as possible.And if not you can expect these kinds of biased and very damaging practices to democracy to continue.I also wrote in a similar article over a year ago that public opinion and public policy in large part is being fueled and formed by way of big business(which includes social media) in an effort to promote a more radical liberal agenda worldwide.


And this is simply another example of big business working to accomplish those dangerous and destructive goals.The promotion of their radical liberal agenda and their preferred political candidate through social media  is not much different,in many respects,than state sponsored (or state run) televisions support of a specific political candidate.Or to promote a specific corrupting,destructive agenda or ideology.


Not only does he need to work to get it done as quickly as possible,but he needs to work to insure it’s somehow established as law and stays in place permanently.Because if not these radical left leaning Social Media Behemoths will have free reign to promote a more radical liberal agenda to the four corners of the earth and in so doing also insure American democracy is undermined and completely destroyed in the process.