Minister Of Kentucky Church Talks About Damage From Tornado.


It’s certainly not my intention to add more misery to the present situation unfolding in Kentucky. I’m merely here to speak the truth and set the record straight. But it’s statements like this minister just made in the video above claiming that he nor his congregation embraces the notion that it’s a response from God because something is wrong. This is a major part of the problem.


He is obviously lacking knowledge of God’s word because God doesn’t provide deep spiritual revelation to those who reject his commandments and word and who simply believe that a simple verbal acceptance of Jesus Christ determines that you’re righteous in God’s eyes. And because of it, he falls under the category, as Christ emphasized in Matthew 15:14, of the blind leading the blind.  Listen, I get it, people are stressed, on edge, and even fearful, because of how much they have been tried in the past year or two.


They don’t want to believe that God is allowing these things to come upon them and even instructing his angels in many cases to punish in this way. It just creates a more somber and stressful situation. But working to convince yourselves that your sins are irrelevant to God and that he will never punish you for them when his word clearly says otherwise is a form of insanity.


Following the words of false ministers like this is a major part of the problem. He doesn’t know what he is talking about and his words, because many will heed them, will further exacerbate the situation. Because many people will simply believe that they can continue to engage in abominable sin without a corrective response from God and that way of thinking is completely unbiblical and just plain stupid.


This false minister and others like him love to make blanket ignorant statements like he just made without providing one verse in scripture to substantiate what he said. And when they do it’s normally one verse or two taken completely out of context which in that context makes it unbiblical.


To be honest and blunt the guy is an ignorant false minister who promotes lies like so many others and unfortunately many are going to lose their physical and spiritual lies because of it but he certainly won’t go unpunished himself for teaching those lies. 2 Peter 2:1-3, James 3:1, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, 2 John 9-11.


Many of these self-proclaimed false ministers buy certificates of ordination on the internet and then proclaim themselves ministers without being thoroughly versed in God’s word. The truth of the matter is many of them are absolutely ignorant of God’s word with the exception of occasionally referencing a few of the most often used and popular verses in scripture. While being completely ignorant of the other 99.99% of scripture.  


His Church lies in heaps and ruins but yet God is protecting and pleased with him and his congregation? You don’t think God is powerful enough to protect his sanctuaries from calamity? In all honesty, this may very well be a message from God that he is displeased with what he and others are teaching because it flies in the face of what God instructs in his word. And their false teachings are creating an environment and atmosphere of hypocrisy and rebellion against God his commandments and his word. Several churches were leveled in this calamity and I’m convinced there’s a message from God in it all.


I’m convinced he’s actually telling us how he feels about these churches.  To get an understanding of how God responds to and has always responded to abominable sin follow the link below Proverbs 1: 24-33. Also, reference the Q&A category as well as the audios section.  All the positive thinking in the world won’t help you if God is angered and displeased with you and you are stiff-necked, stone-faced, and unrepentant.



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