My views regarding Kathy Lee’s statements about what’s expected from true followers of Christ can easily be misconstrued as an attack or dislike of Kathy Lee but nothing could be further from the truth. But I do have a problem with her message because if not fully supported by the Bible it can have terrible consequences for her and for those who follow it.


I will be elaborating more thoroughly on the points I disagree with and how they are not supported by God’s word. And how the Bible emphasizes that those who promote these false teachings, as well as those who follow them, will be dealt with harshly in the coming destruction on a sinful world and when they are judged.


Often times the Bible is completely misinterpreted as individuals like her apply their own personal interpretation to scripture as opposed to allowing the Bible to interpret itself. And it’s often done to justify behavior that’s clearly condemned by God in his word or to placate those who live in abominable, blatant, and open, defiance of his word. And this, unfortunately, leads millions astray and encourages them to blatantly rebel against and defy God’s word.


I’m not asking you to believe or follow me but to only believe and follow God and what’s clearly outlined in his word. My goal is simply to educate and enlighten not deceive and placate. Rebuttal coming soon.