President Obama’s recent call for a CIA Investigation into possible Russian Hacking of the presidential election is obviously a sinister and diabolical attempt at trying to invalidate Donald Trumps win. The truth of the matter is there is not an ounce of proof that Russia was engaged in any hacking or was capable of any hacking that could have resulted in a compromised election.



Russia has denied these erroneous, bogus claims. Also Wikileaks which is known for the high level of integrity of its sources and information, emphatically denies any Russian involvement in email leaks or hacking.This is obviously a lame,sinister, and diabolical attempt by President Obama, at trying to prevent the smooth transition of President Elect Donald Trump into the oval office and  power.The truth of the matter is they haven’t provided any concrete evidence to prove those claims, so it’s merely hearsay.


This is not about whether the election was fair and just or not, because let’s not forget, this was the same President claiming before the election that Donald Trumps questioning of the validity of the election process was dangerous, and that it threatened the very foundation of the American electoral system. Both he and Hillary Clinton  before the election results, were both ranting about how the election process was safe and secure, and  the outcome should be accepted and respected.


But that was when they thought Hillary was a shoo in to win. But now that Donald Trump has been elected President, they now call for bogus recounts which are only uncovering more votes for Donald Trump.And investigations into whether Russians were involved in hacking the election?



This is one of the biggest crocks I have ever heard, and it wreaks of sinister motives, hypocrisy and corruption. Although I don’t agree with everything Judge Jeanine Pirro  or Fox News says, she is absolutely spot on as it relates to this bogus, ridiculous attempt, by this President to impede President Elect Donald Trumps smooth transition to power.


Not to mention what appears to be an attempt at damaging relations between the two leaders even before the President elect has even been sworn in.In my opinion also because of President Obama’s personal dislike of  Vladmir Putin because of Putins stance on homosexual marriage. And the corrupt, woefully biased,  liberal mainstream media,has no shame promoting these ridiculous, propagandized stories in an effort to assist their preferred candidate Hillary Clinton.These liberals are obviously big cry babies and simply upset they didn’t win.


And I can assure you if they had won there would be no call for bogus investigations and ridiculous recounts. The truth of the matter is President Obama sees Donald Trump as a threat his legacy. A legacy which included contributing to the rise of Isis.Working to pass laws to insure boys can frequent girls bathrooms, and girls can frequent boys bathrooms. Legalizing filthy spiritual,physical, and nation destroying sexual perversions like homosexuality/bisexuality and lesbian marriage.


Teaching children about sexual perversions in kindergarten. Covertly working to legalize pedophilia. Working to deny tax exempt status to conservative groups but freely granting tax exempt status to liberal groups. Granting the NSA permission to spy on and covertly intrude into the privacy of American citizens unbeknownst to them.Pushing the fake man made climate change agenda, to insure the corrupt bureaucracy the EPA and Liberal Elites have complete power and control to intrude into virtually every aspect of American lives.And to funnel massive amounts of cash into the pockets of Liberal Elites and Leftist Politicians,etc, to use as a tool to influence policy decisions that greatly impact the nation. Promoting failed economic policies that have resulted in virtually no economic growth.Despite the biased,doctored,bogus economic propaganda by the corrupt, liberal mainstream media. 


These are all examples of the pathetic, destructive legacy, this confused, misguided President was hoping to establish and secure. And my message to former President Obama is stop whining and crying, and please get a move on, and let President Elect Donald Trump work to correct and undo all the destructive damage you have done, that you ignorantly and foolishly call a legacy that’s worth fighting for.


Please, just ride off into the sunset, where you can attend all the gay pride parades , and homosexual,transgender,transneutral,lesbian parties and festivities to your hearts content. While real leaders work to steer this nation down the right ethical and moral path to the saving of the nation. Russian hacking didn’t boot your disturbingly corrupt, and woefully inept party out of power.But the truth of the matter is, the power of God did.