Question: Is it true you are suffering from a deadly skin disease?


Donald Bohanon:  That’s funny. But if you call eczema and or psoriasis a deadly skin disease then I suppose so. The truth of the matter is there is nothing deadly about eczema or psoriasis its a disease that affects millions worldwide.


It’s a condition that causes the skin to shed rapidly thereby leaving unsightly patches of pink skin on any area it affects. There is no known cure for it but it’s not deadly at all. Neither is it contagious.


I’m sure that’s another subject the ungodly will take, twist, and distort, and blow completely out of proportion, and try to totally transform it into something it’s not. As a way to attack me for exposing them and their ungodly plans. I have had it for a few years or so, maybe more, and it affects my hands primarily so I wear gloves to cover it up. 


I have read a lot of literature about what contributes to it. I learned that Whey Protein could be a culprit because it upsets the stomachs good and bad bacteria, it’s flora, which can lead to leaky gut which is considered one of the primary causes of psoriasis and or eczema.


And Whey Protein was something I was consuming by the canister and using as a meal replacement about the time I was struck with the condition.  I also read that handling toxic material without gloves can cause the condition.


This is something I was also doing for a period of time around the time I was struck with the condition, in addition to consuming a lot of dairy products like ice cream( which I don’t tolerate well but would eat anyway) that I have read can aggravate and or result in the condition as well. And it does, it really flares up when I eat ice cream or bread so I have cut back on the ice cream considerably.


So there were a number of things I was doing that could have resulted in the condition. But a drastic change in diet can heal the condition for some. That happened to be the case as it relates to me.


I actually changed my diet by cutting out all dairy and gluten products and eating nothing but select vegetables and meats and the condition completely cleared up. It completely disappeared. The problem was I couldn’t maintain it because my desire to eat bread and the occasional dairy product was overwhelming.  But psoriasis treatment is not a one size fits all. What works for me may not work for you.


I’m also convinced GMO bread and other GMO products, in general, are a major culprit. Studies have shown GMO foods produce inflammation in the body which contributes to eczema and other diseases. Inflammation is one of the primary contributors to diseases such as cancer, etc.


The good thing is it affects my hands primarily although it affected other areas of my body at one point. But once it cleared up I started eating bread and gluten products again and it resurfaced on my hands and forearms primarily.


So the deadly skin disease I have been rumored to have is just eczema and or psoriasis which are basically the same. Another positive is that I know how to completely rid myself of it I just haven’t taken the time again to put in the effort and sacrifice it will take to do so.


Besides that, I am pretty fit and regularly exercise and workout in a way that people half my age can’t keep up with. I look as young as some people half my age. I’m in good condition with the exception of eczema and or psoriasis which are similar.


Why God hasn’t healed me of the condition only he knows, but It may very well be that he wanted me to alter my diet to ensure I lived a long healthy life as opposed to being struck by some health crisis because of the unhealthy way I was eating at certain intervals.


But I think the primary reason is he is testing me as he tested Job considering many of the things Job suffered I suffered also, like losing family members and a skin ailment, although Job’s skin condition was much worse than mine.


But ignorant liars who refuse to pick up a book or do a simple internet search to uncover the truth about the condition because it would destroy their lying false narrative and because you refuse to conform to and embrace their destructive corrupting lifestyle will continue to lie and bear false witness many of them just can’t help themselves.


Because they are governed by their wickedness and controlled by Satan so they behave in a way that mirrors Satan’s character. Like lying, slandering, and falsely accusing the brethren as just some examples. 


And Satan is the father of lies and their father. But God will sort out the foolishness and expose all their filth, vile behavior, and exploits, and punish the cowardly, effeminate liars, at an appointed time.


And even before. Proverbs 18:7, Proverbs 19:9. Revelation 21:7-8. All righteous men and women are appointed to suffer trials in this life to grow stronger spiritually and to build faith and character. These are all just apart of the cross I must bear at certain intervals in life.


The white patches are actually skin that sits in a raised position over the skin underneath. This happens when there’s an extreme case of the rapid production of skin cells. This is one of the more extreme cases of psoriasis. It can affect every part of the body from the scalp to the bottoms of your feet.