It appears that Facebook may be embarking on a campaign of discrimination against any individual or entity that supports views they disagree with. I came to this realization as of late by noticing that many of the likes and shares on my The Truth Plain An Simple site had miraculously just disappeared, there were several articles that   were written that received several likes and shares now those same likes and shares have suddenly disappeared. I initially thought that maybe it was just  people  unliking the posts, but when my own  likes began disappearing I realized that something more sinister was transpiring.


This appears to be an obvious attempt by  the powers that be to try to silence this message, no doubt sexually perverse men and women in key positions in the organization working to undermine and sabotage the work by trying too silence the message.


So I will continue to observe the situation, and based on this disturbing revelation if it continues I will seriously  contemplate removing  all the Facebook likes and share buttons from my site. I don’t need Facebook to get these very important messages across neither will I allow the efforts of a biased entity to undermine this work or their lack of support to determine or dictate whether my actions are just and good, only God determines that and the way he feels and if what I say is consistent with his word are the only things that matter to me.