Question: Why Do You Condemn Other Religions Are You Anti- Religious?


Donald Bohanon:  No. I have actually done Q&As where I have emphasized that all religions need to be allowed to worship as they choose.


Because the abolishing of one form of worship or religion is the abolishing of all forms of religion. There’s a prominent religious figure set to rise who will actually force all other nations and peoples to follow his one form of catholic worship and if they don’t they will be put to death.


I’m not that man. What I do speak out against and oppose are the many self-proclaimed ministers and others who twist God’s word and take it out of context to advance evil, unbiblical agendas.


Or those false representatives of Christ who are motivated by greed and perverted sexual desires who intentionally lead others astray to accomplish selfish agenda’s. Many are also actively working to deceive and lead world leaders astray and turn them against those who are speaking the truth.


The same applies to lower-level government officials who have the ear of some senior-level government officials and who may be secretly, deceptively, and subtly, referring to me and others who speak the truth (as is outlined by God’s word) as “religious nazis.” Among many other ignorant, misinformed, false statements and accusations. That’s a strong, false, and very misleading statement to make when you consider nazis have been responsible for mass atrocities.


Something I’ve never done. I’m not so much anti-religious as I am pro-truth. Because I support the ability of all religious groups to worship as they choose, it doesn’t mean I will be silent in pointing out the many unbiblical and biblically contrasting teachings the majority of them teach.


For me to be silent is to give them the green light to engage in massive religious deception. Which is tantamount, in many respects, to mass physical and spiritual genocide when you understand it. And when I expose the lies I use God’s word to clearly expose those lies. Not my own words.


There are many people worshipping as they choose, which I support. But that doesn’t dictate that their form of worship is consistent with what’s outlined in God’s word. So it’s my job to point that out.


That’s all. I’m not so much anti-religion as I am pro-truth. The term religious or religion, or Christianity, and what it teaches isn’t necessarily, automatically, conducive to or synonymous with the truth emphasized and outlined in God’s word.