An interesting interview between  Steve Bannon and Kyle Bass. Steve Bannon goes into detail about how monetarily influential and active Western Elites are in the CCP.


If what he’s saying is true I think it’s important for the American Public to understand what President Donald Trump is doing and how much of a profound and positive impact it will have on American society.


The African American community in particular should be  very interested and understand how President Donald Trumps policies will positively impact them as well.More profoundly and positively possibly than the policies of any previous President.


President Donald Trump is not the enemy of the American people but the liberal elites and corrupt politicians who are beholden to the elites and special interest groups are.Steve Bannon emphasizes there will be more information forthcoming in the upcoming movie “Claws Of The Red Dragon”.


We should be able to get a clearer picture at that time as to what is exactly transpiring in the Chinese Communist Party.And what President Donald Trumps goals are.