We have no association or affiliation with WSHH they are just the source of this information. We also don’t agree with all of Candace Owen’s views but we are certainly in agreement with her in relation to this evil corrupt organization.

Extreme radical BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors weeps fake tears while lying on camera in an effort to paint a false picture that Candace Owens arrived at her home with right-wing radicals while loosely suggesting they may have had evil intent. When in reality she was doing a documentary about how BLM has misappropriated millions of dollars in a massive corruption scandal.

Patrisse Cullors being one of the leaders who were leading the charge in terms of stealing money and depositing it into their own pockets. I also find it offensive that she would shed fake tears while falsely claiming that she was under threat of harm when none of that is true.

While at the same time encouraging other extreme left-wing radicals to terrorize Supreme Court Justices in hopes of forcing them to vote the way they want them to vote as it relates to Roe v Wade. And when she has been instrumental in undermining and destroying the black community by promoting sexually perverse abominable behavior throughout the black community. The blatant hypocrisy of this evil, corrupt, organization, is nauseating.

The truth of the matter is BLM has never cared about the black community but instead has been an arm of the LGBTQ community working to advance their ungodly, destructive, corrupting, sexual engineering agenda. And God’s word continues to ring true based on its accuracy when describing the corrupt spiritual condition of individuals given over to this kind of warped sexual perversion and how that in turn completely destroys, corrupts, and perverts the character of these individuals. Romans 1:18-32.

The word of God continues to prove itself infallible and accurate when describing these kinds of sexually perverse individuals. And Patrisse Cullors further validates God’s word being a lesbian woman once again caught in nefarious activity in the form of stealing millions from a corrupt organization that falsely claims to be advancing the interest of black people while doing nothing for them financially but yet instead enriching themselves through theft of funds.

I also find it disturbing that these kinds of extreme leftist radical activists have the audacity to cry when someone shows up at their door just to do a documentary when they are at the doors of Supreme Court Justices and Religious Institutions hurling insults and threatening violence in hopes of forcing Justices to vote how they want them to vote as it relates to Roe v Wade? These types of people are nothing but cowards, cry babies, and bullies, and when you stand up to them they fold like lawn chairs on a rainy day and tuck their tails and run. Boy how things change when the tables are turned on them.