Are Facebook, Twitter, Google, And The Liberal Left Media All Examples Of A Coming State Run Media?


By Donald Bohanon.

The radical liberal-left media, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, are quickly morphing into what resembles a state-run media, much like what you see in communist nations. But only this oppressive form of government presently being in the form of a deep state and its actors who are encouraging the promotion of a mass propaganda campaign against the standing U.S. President in hopes of unseating him.


While they patiently wait for a radical liberal left government to be established and legitimately take the reigns of power and officially guide the liberal media to bring to fruition, on the surface, what appears to be a more legitimate form of state-run media. 


A radical liberal-left media that does all the bidding of that radical liberal branch of government and their mission to destroy American freedoms while using a pandemic to legitimize it all.  Just like in communist nations all information that doesn’t tow the party line or is unsupportive of the communist agenda is censored.


The liberal left media and major social media platforms are in many respects following the same pattern of censorship and silencing of free speech of those communist states that don’t fit or support their radical agenda.


For example, if you post anything in the comments section of these platforms that is contrary to or opposes the agenda they’re working to advance, that information is immediately deleted. And posting that kind of information that opposes their radical agenda can result in you being removed from their platform and your account being suspended.


A radical agenda that involves working to create a socialist state presently by way of a pandemic. The plague is real but they will certainly use it to advance an even more evil and diabolical agenda. And also by implementing a Green New Deal which is a blueprint for socialism.


That agenda also includes the promotion and legalization of practically every kind of perverted sexual behavior and lifestyle you can imagine. Including pedophilia. And the legalization of homosexual marriage is the catalyst that’s fueling it all. All under the fake guise of a more fair America.


And it’s not as simple as them just disagreeing with your views. They are actually forcing American citizens to go along with this radical agenda or else. As an example, they are already presently blacklisting many people and making it difficult for them to find work just because those people disagree with their views on the legalization of all forms of twisted, perverse, sexual behavior. Or their goals of censoring free speech. Or their efforts at establishing a socialist state through the promotion of a radical Green New Deal, etc. And much more.


They are working to establish a socialist and or fascist state at which point they will be able to make you comply. And if not you could actually be prosecuted by speaking out against the practice of say, for instance, them performing gender reassignment surgery on your 5-year-old boy or girl without your consent.


So your 5-year-old son could essentially wake up one morning as a result of being brainwashed by being bombarded by radical liberal sex education in the schools. And radical liberal propaganda via the radical liberal mainstream media about the joys of transitioning ( of which much more is sure to come if they secure the office of the President) and decide he wants to cut his penis off and try a vagina for a change.


And they will be able to cut off his penis and there will be nothing you can do about it at all. Because if you try you will be thrown in jail while sexually perverse pedophile men will probably be testing out the efficacy of your 5-year-old son’s lab constructed vagina. Because at that point pedophilia is sure to be legalized under their rule.


The same thing applies to your daughter if she wants to remove her vagina and try a penis on for a change, after being thoroughly brainwashed by radical sex education in schools. In addition to being bombarded with indoctrinating information by the liberal media.


The same thing applies you will be thrown in jail if you try to oppose it. And while you sit rotting in jail perverted pedophile men and women will probably be testing out the efficacy of your 5-year-old daughter’s lab constructed penis. Incidentally, these are irreversible surgeries. This is not a fantasy scenario but is very real and is happening right now!


This is already presently underway in liberal countries like Canada for instance. One father in particular who is fighting against their efforts at performing gender reassignment surgery on his underage daughter has been ordered by the courts not to interfere. In other words, they intend to remove his daughter’s vagina and replace it with a penis. And the father has been ordered not to interfere, or else. And Joe Biden and Barack Obama are in full support of these kinds of butchering surgeries on underaged girls and boys.


They are also working aggressively behind the scenes to legalize pedophilia. And the same stringent, oppressive, subjugating, measures for those who resist will apply if they ever get in power. I was actually sounding the alarm about this more than a decade ago.


There have been instances where I have had accounts suspended on some of these platforms for delivering a different viewpoint. And this was dating as far back as 2007 or 2009 if I’m not mistaken. So the movement to censor and destroy free speech has been in full effect for probably decades if not more.


But only more subtle and covert in their approach. Fast forward to 2020 and they are more confident and blatant in their approach. This is obvious with the most recent Facebook and Twitter censorship of the Hunter Biden story. And probably because they believe suppressing this information will help them win the election. 


They have even gone as far as placing cookies on my computer and on the computers of millions of other Americans to track their behavior on the internet. This actually resulted in me being denied work on several occasions although being thoroughly qualified for the position based on my experience in that particular field.


How do I know this? Because I would always be contacted in as little as a few days when applying for positions before Facebook placed a tracking cookie on my computer and tracked my surfing. Before Facebook placed a cookie on my computer I would always be called back within a few days at the most. 


But I would have to reject the job offers on most occasions because most of them wouldn’t acknowledge or accept the fact that I couldn’t work on a specific day.


I would go as far as offering to even work on Sundays to compensate but the companies wouldn’t accept it. I eventually had to invest in software that cleaned cookies and other software to protect my privacy but the damage was already done. And I’m convinced companies like Twitter, Google, and others are engaging in the same cookie tracking practices as well.


After Facebook placed the cookies on my computer I never got a call back for any job I applied for. Which led me to believe they were tracking me when I was applying for the positions, which I later found out to be true.


They already knew I was disseminating this kind of information. But they didn’t know where I worked or how I applied for jobs, etc, once they found that out through tracing me they obviously saw an opportunity to strike and get back at me in hopes of silencing me.


But it just motivated me to go harder exposing abominable evil. I also had to work to establish ownership of my own business so I wouldn’t be beholden to dictatorial businesses with dictatorial work requirements.


Infringement on American freedoms is becoming a serious problem that is part of a bigger more diabolical agenda and the liberal media and many big tech companies appear to be leading the charge.


With the sole objective being to destroy American rights and freedoms and subjugate Americans by way of a radical socialist and or liberal fascist agenda that they hope to implement. This is deadly serious, people. And Joe Biden and his radical views are the problem, and certainly not the solution.

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