By Donald Boahnon 


I’m still not convinced.The whole thing smells fishy to me.Being absolutely convinced he was guilty with overwhelming evidence,to now dismissing all the charges without giving a thorough explanation as to why?


It just doesn’t add up and when you take into consideration the fact you have a lesbian Mayor possibly being elected in Chicago,this gives the impression this could factor into the strange abrupt change in the direction of the case as well.


Why isn’t the F.B.I. taking a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the abrupt change in direction of the case?I have always felt there would be forces working behind the scenes to destroy the case to insure a prominent homosexual is viewed favorably in the eyes of the American Public and the World.


Charges have been dropped and the case sealed?If they have nothing to hide why seal the case?It smells fishy and doesn’t add up in my opinion.He also chose to forfeit his bond?What innocent man does that?


I’m convinced there were probably powerful politicians possibly like former President Barrack Obama (who is steadfastly supportive of the homosexual community and a friend of Jussie Smollett)and others working behind the scenes and pulling strings to insure this matter was resolved amicably in some way.


To insure a prominent homosexuals name and reputation wasn’t tarnished.To insure they continue to be favorably viewed by the public.So advancing  the false narrative that homosexuals are decent honest people was not tarnished.


So advancement of the homosexual and pedophile agenda’s can move forward without disruption.Because this only benefits their goals for the widespread advancement and promotion of homosexuality nationally and internationally.


Which they will use as a springboard to promote and secure  the legalization of pedophilia as well.And insuring homosexuals are viewed favorably by the American Public and the World is very important to accomplish those goals.And they will most definitely go to these kinds of extremes to insure those goals are accomplished.Celebrities and homosexuals appear to be getting preferential treatment at an alarming rate.


After all, Chicago does have a reputation of corruption throughout the system.I honestly believe the F.B.I. should take a closer look at the matter to uncover the truth.If you have nothing to hide it should be unsealed.His lawyer obviously lied when claiming there was no deal struck,but yet he was required to do community service and forfeit his bond?That obviously shows there was some kind of deal struck.


The same scrutiny should be applied when investigating these matters that was applied when investigating President Trump for instance.Too many guilty people are going free as a result of corruption and bias.


While many innocent people are being convicted for crimes they haven’t committed as a result of being railroaded.In my opinion the F.B.I. should take a closer look at the matter.In so doing they may uncover even more hidden gems of widespread political corruption.


I get the impression that former President Barrack Obama and  Michelle Obama as well as other pro homosexual politicians were instrumental in insuring this was somehow swept under the rug.Or the possibility exists that at the urging of powerful political figures the whole thing was setup to fail to insure a sort of mistrial before the trial.


To insure certain steps were intentionally overlooked to argue for invalidating the whole case.After all, it’s been allegedly reported Michelle Obama a friend of Jussie Smollett contacted” Tina Tchen” Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff  who then contacted Chicago States Attorney “Kim Fox” and asked her to request Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson give up the Jussie Smollett case. Which resulted in Kim Fox recusing herself from the case.


If the F.B.I. gets involved they may be able to trace that involvement right back to the Obama’s and others as well.The whole mayoral election seems fishy as well with only two lesbians possibly vying for the position?One open and out and the other possibly low key and down low.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some major irregularities in the vote count.This type of corruption needs to be rooted out.And with the President vowing to be the catalyst for that change and go after these kinds of corrupt figures to drain the swamp,this is as good a time as any to get started.


Even the superintendent said they circumvented the system by brokering a deal behind the scenes.And you can rest assured powerful political figures were very likely  instrumental in bringing that about.


He also made a good point in emphasizing if they were confident of their innocence they wouldn’t have brokered a deal but would have rather had their day in court.Anyone with some basic common sense can see this stinks and reeks of corruption and powerful political influence.And the way it was done unfortunately has guilty written all over it.